Is It the North Star?


No, this is the Inklingo Star. From the the 9″ Inklingo Star collection that was released on the weekend. I knew it was coming as Linda had been showing hints on the Inklingo Facebook page, and so I had fabrics picked out to try out for it.


This fabric is one that I have auditioned for so many different shapes over the past year that I’ve lost count. Every single window template I’ve made I’ve tried on it. And none of them worked. Until the kites in the Inklingo Star. That was the charm. And I was really lucky and had enough yardage of the print for a full 8 repeats. So I have lots and lots of fun ahead making blocks using this fabulous collection!

The centre star of the block is made with the free collection that has, amongst others, the shapes to make a 4.5″ LeMoyne Star. There is a very tiny seam where the two kites meet that allows the centre star to appear as though it’s floating. And in the post on the All About Inklingo blog announcing the release of the Inklingo Star collection, there’s a great closeup of that section with the little seam. And that little seam really makes putting this block together fun. I couldn’t stop with the Inklingo Star, though. In fact, I hadn’t really stopped when the first photo in this post was taken but, thanks to the magic of photo editing, it looks as though I had.


Oh, no. I had to go on and make this – the Morse Star. So named because Linda was watching Endeavour when she was working on it. And as we are huge fans of both the original Inspector Morse series and the newer Endeavour series, it was meant to be that I would stitch the Morse Star.

It is a huge block for me – 18″! And it is not a block for the faint of heart. There was a little unsewing that went on here on the weekend as I stitched this beauty. Mostly because I didn’t lay it out in my stitching book before I started and so got my kite placement mixed up.

My Morse Star is hybrid pieced. I machine pieced the triangles/square corners and the sets of two kites but the rest of it I pieced by hand. And I learned lots doing so, including that if I pin enough I do quite well machine piecing. Where there were opportunities for loads of continuous stitching, I took them and had a great time with all that wonderful hand piecing. And went through four needles in the process as one of the batiks I used in this block was a tighter weave and really dulled the needles quickly.

Saturday afternoon I decided I needed company in my obsession and suggested to Barb at Just Sayin’ Sew that we blog jointly about our adventures with the Inklingo Star. And don’t believe a word she says about me throwing down the gauntlet! So that’s what we’re doing today – both blogging about our gorgeous stars made with the new collection. Just wait until you see Barb’s Inklingo Star! It is knock-your-socks-off gorgeousness. I was practically drooling over my keyboard when I saw the fabric she used to fussy print/cut. It’s that fabulous!


“Graduation Day.” I think this is one of the best of the ‘toons yet. It made me laugh out loud with delight when I first saw it – love all the details.


A lazy weekend afternoon. And Baxter is very happy that he had possession of the upper level of the kitty tree.

And now head over to Barb’s blog post to see her gorgeous Inklingo Star!

21 thoughts on “Is It the North Star?

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  2. That’s such a pretty star……and I think I may even have some of that fabric, with a blue background. Love today’s toon – well done, Mr Q.O.! Do my eyes deceive me, or are some of the leaves outside the window turning already?


  3. Cathi, this is the best part of being a blogging quilter, we can share instantly!!! with others, anywhere in the world. Love your choices, and what a detailed HUGE block, such a larger size for you after the tiny inch ones. Down here I have a new blog friend, we are going to share photography tuition classes together, I’ll be looking for more of these 18″ blocks!! Hugs,Jean.


  4. You two….you and Barb….are just messing with our minds, you know that don’t you? Now I have to go on the search for fabric. I am thinking a combo of her wonderful floral swirlies and your larger Morse block could make a fabulous quilt!


  5. Beautiful star. Thanks for sharing the link to Barb’s block. I love how her fabric worked so beautifully. I can’t wait to see this one finished by both of you. Such gorgeousness!


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  7. I love your Morse Star! Can’t wait to see more…. and the tune was great. Now I have to watch all the Inspector Morse shows. Just because. Happy sewing, Cath!


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