Another Star Endeavour

When we started making the Inklingo Star/Morse Star blocks, Barb at Just Sayin’ Sew and I agreed that we’d blog simultaneously when we had finished another block or two. I never dreamt it would take me close to two weeks to finish another one of these blocks. Barb must have been tapping her fingers waiting for me!


And there’s no good excuse. Within a day of finishing the last Morse Star, I had the fabrics picked out for the next few Morse Stars. They were ironed to freezer paper. Ready to print.


A few minutes later, I had everything printed that I needed.


And a few minutes after that, everything was cut and ready to stitch.


And finally here’s my second 18″ Morse Star. I love the effect I get with some fussy cutting of the kites. This one reminds me of a flower in the centre that’s surrounded by leaves.


The back. I’ve had a bit of a tough time figuring out how best to press it. When I make the next one I’m not going to press as I go and see if I can sort out a better way. Pressed this way it is nice and flat but there are a couple of spots that I’m not quite happy with.

I have a table topper or large wall hanging quilt planned for these Morse Stars. I think. The design is still coming together in my mind.


And I’ve been playing with other ideas to use the shapes in the new Inklingo Star collection. I saw this variation on one of the pages of the collection and just had to make it. It’s fun to put together, is quite quick to stitch and finishes at 9″. I like the effect I got with the fussy cut kites in this block.

It’s definitely starting to feel and look like fall. The leaves on the trees on the roof garden are starting to change. We don’t need to put the heat on yet, so I am not complaining. When that day comes that we do have to turn on the heat, I have to admit to myself that the dreaded season that begins with a “W” is headed our way. Until then, I can happily delude myself that it’s not going to happen.


Marple visit

Seems the cartoonist felt they needed to bring in a special investigator to see what all the hullabaloo is about these Inklingo Stars.


I’ve taken to calling the kitty tree the bunk beds when both kitties are in it at the same time. In this shot, Jake has possession of the top tier. I think he must have just woken up when Mr. Q.O. took this shot. What a yawn!

Now head over to Barb’s post today to see her beautiful Inklingo Stars. She is using a gorgeous fabric to fussy cut and is getting some absolutely fabulous effects as a result.

14 thoughts on “Another Star Endeavour

  1. Such interesting stars, and gorgeous fussy cutting! It was 23 deg C here today and we are coming out of winter……let’s hope that the coming summer isn’t as hot as last summer was, it was quite nasty.


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