Planning Future Quilts

I know, I know – I just disappeared. There was really nothing to write about as I’ve been working diligently on the butterfly kaleidoscope star quilt while I was gone, but I’m waiting until the whole top is together before showing it again.

While I have been working on it, I have also been planning 3 new quilts. And pulling fabric groups. And generally just having fun daydreaming about the quilts these fabrics will become. Because I don’t have too many other projects on the go. I really need to plan more. Right?


First is this group. I’ve had the patterned blue fabric in my stash for next to forever. In fact, I had forgotten about it but when looking for something else came across it. Then I measured the repeat on it. And it’s a perfect 11.75″ repeat. So I know I’ve got loads I can do with it. And then I had to pull some pinks to go with it and some blues and a green and a very pale batik that I will use for the neutral with this group.


The faint colours in the neutral batik show a bit better in this photo, I think.


The second group is this. Another fabric with a great repeat and some real possibilities for fussy cutting/printing. And a group of other fabrics that play rather nicely with it, I think. And the plan for some of these fabrics is set – a miniature Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses. I know I can get some great effects with some fussy cutting/printing of the print in this group.


The final group was a surprise. A friend sent me the most glorious group of batiks. And an entire quilt is now planned using them. And it will be wonderful. In fact, I’ve sat down and sorted it all out and even have the quilt named already. These batiks make me think of the beach. And what will be better to work on during the winter than a quilt that makes me think of a summer day at a beach?


I think this little bow on the packaging is what started me down the path of thinking of a beach quilt. The little batik strips somehow made me think of driftwood on a beach. And thus the whole idea of this day at the beach quilt began to take shape. And now I have the whole thing planned. And as soon as I get the batiks all washed I think I may start printing the shapes I need for this quilt.

You know what makes me laugh at myself? The thought that immediately went through my mind when I saw those tiny little twigs of batiks. What did I think? That I must now start saving itty-bitty pieces of fabric so I can make little bows like that to put on cards, packages, etc. I think I’ll try hard to resist that idea but resistance may be futile!


“Fabric Delivery”


Jake loves this little catnip pillow that he has between his front paws in the picture. He will wrestle with it, lick it, bite it, you name it. And then he will just sit there, holding on to it to make sure that a certain big grey kitty doesn’t come along and get it.


While said big grey kitty is much more interested in having sole possession of the top tier of the kitty tree. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “I hope he doesn’t think he’s coming up here.” Baxter was keeping his eye on where Jake was.

10 thoughts on “Planning Future Quilts

  1. Thank you for sharing your new projects. Dreaming of new projects is one of the joys of quilting 🙂 The kitties and aliens in Baxtertoons received a BIG fabric delivery. Hope there is room in their stash for everything 😉 Jake is so sweet with his favorite toy and I love the fuzzy Baxter toes. Have a great weekend!


  2. What gorgeously luscious fabrics! The batik pack is really gorgeous and the ‘twigs’ are such a clever idea. I’m sure the toon kitties and aliens will look after your fabrics for you!


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