Mandala Changes

2014-08-05 03.12.57wtmk

Did you notice the spots in the mandala I showed earlier this  week that appeared almost empty where the very pale pink was?

I did. So did Mr. Q.O. And I couldn’t leave it like that.

So rather than really grow the mandala by adding much of the next round, I decided to take out those three pentagons that were just too light for the rest of it.


And this is how it looks now. And I’m having altogether too much fun picking out fabrics for the next round of this. With any luck, I’ll have it done and ready to post for Monday. I am auditioning fabrics now much more carefully because taking those three pentagons out and replacing them was not particularly enjoyable! That said, I’m glad I did as I like it much more now.

alien mandalawtmk

“Alien Mandala.”


Jake was enjoying an afternoon nap on the top tier of the kitty tree.


While Baxter was showing off his very elegant, photogenic style on the windowsill.

10 thoughts on “Mandala Changes

  1. Cathi, The Mandala Block is amazing. Pentagons are so challenging to my symmetrical brain. They do give an energy to expand out and it would be hard to stop adding more……

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  2. Very nice mandala! The aliens are having fun with it, too, they sure are talented beings!. I think Baxter is hiding behind the curtain just blotting how he is going to take over the top tier again!

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  3. Good decision, looks much better. Sometimes the old “it’s good enough” theory works but not usually with a mistake in fabric choice. There have been a couple of times that I decided the effort to change a fabric was just too much and ended up regretting it later because that mistake was all I saw at the finish. Better to bite the bullet and take it out early on when it first starts to bother you. But I’m sure you already know all this since your work is truly special. I came to your site thru the Inklingo site and have enjoyed it very much.

    Thanks for taking the time to share what you do so well. Judy

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  4. Good decision to replace those pieces, even though it must have been a pain to do so. Love the new improved version 🙂
    And speaking of love, two particulary good shoots of the boys.


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