Dance of the Poinsettias

I know, I know — it has been an extremely long time since I blogged. I am going to give it yet another try and hope to post twice a week — at least at first. I’ve missed blogging and, given the fact that this is like a diary of my quilting, I know I’m going to look back and wonder what I was doing!

Dancing Poinsettia TopIMG_3118wtmk

One thing I was doing was finishing Dance of the Poinsettias, my version of Can Can from Millefiori Quilts 3 made using the Inklingo Can Can collection. As it’s winter and the roof garden is not really accessible, it’s not possible right now to get a good photo of it in its entirety.  I was holding it up as high as I could – I’m 5’2″ – with my arms as far apart as I could manage and still, this is missing a fair bit of the sides.

Dance of the Poinsettias is completely hybrid pieced. If there wasn’t an opportunity for continuous sewing, then I machine pieced parts.

Green & White Unit for Poinsettias IMG_2924wtmk

This is an example of a unit in the top that has a lot of hybrid piecing.  All the pairs of large white diamonds and narrow green diamonds were machine pieced.  The rest was done by hand as there were loads of opportunities for continuous piecing. There are some photos of parts of this unit showing the machine pieced units laid out with other parts to be finished by hand in this post from February 2019. I can’t believe it was almost a year ago to the day since I last posted about this!

Back of Green Unit IMG_2926wtmk

The back of the large green unit. If I had hand pieced all the seams I think I likely would have gotten quite bored and this could have ended up as a dreaded UFO.  This way, the top is done and it’s one of my favourites.

It’s a good thing I got Dance of the Poinsettias finished when I did as Millefiori Quilts 4 arrived days afterwards and oh, my — there are so many designs in it that I know I’ll be busy.  We already have Inklingo collections for many Millefiori Quilts designs.

Baxter in Tunnelwtmk

Baxter has been busy as usual, and loves to gather toys in and around his tunnel.

31 thoughts on “Dance of the Poinsettias

  1. Oh, so good to see you in the email this AM. And, my………….. you have been busy. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Might have to wrangle Mr. QO into quilt holding. Obviously, Baxter is busy.


    • It is one of my favourites — as I love the fabrics I used in it. Hybrid piecing makes absolute sense for me if I want to make a quilt that doesn’t involve lots of continuous sewing and/or curved piecing.




  2. So glad you have your blogging mojo back! You were missed. Your fabric selection and stitching sure make beautiful eye candy. Thanks for sharing your quilting obsession with all of us.


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