This book arrived and I want to make almost every one of the quilts in it! So it’s a very good thing I got Dance of the Poinsettias done before the book arrived.

Millefiori Quilts 4 IMG_3196

The cover quilt is called Fiesta Gitana and I knew I had to make it the second I saw those skinny stars. An Inklingo Fiesta Gitana collection was released and I was off to the races.

Fiesta Box IMG_3144wtmk

In no time I had all the pieces printed, cut out and in a box that was just perfect for the Fiesta quilt.

Gold Fiesta IMG_3132wtmk

And those skinny stars turned into some gold blocks like this one.

Blue Fiesta IMG_3123wtmk

And some blue blocks like this one.

Pink Fiesta IMG_3130wtmk

As well as, of course, some pink blocks like this one.

Purple FIesta IMG_3173wtmk

And purple blocks like these ones.

11.5 Repeat IMG_1691wtmk

The fabric that I fussy cut using the Inklingo no-waste fussy cutting method? It’s this one that has been in my stash for what seems like forever. I can’t even begin to remember how many different window templates I tried on it, looking for just the right one. I was thrilled with Fiesta was the right one. Even the name of the quilt seems perfect for this fabric!

I actually got all the blocks done and was halfway through putting the top together when another Inklingo collection – Last Flowers for a quilt from Millefiori Quilts 4 was released. That was another one of the quilts I immediately was drawn to when I first got the book.

Last Flowers IMG_3195wtmk

So I had to play. And play I did – even did a little fussy cutting/printing. I was intrigued by the two different sizes of diamonds in the star when I looked at the picture of it in the book. It was fun to sew one of them as well. I used the Inklingo 100% size of the Last Flowers to make this. I’m undecided – I may add just a bit more to this one and turn it into maybe a small table topper or centrepiece and then play with the Inklingo collection that’s twice the size. I think those stars would look really dramatic even larger.

But not until I get Fiesta done!

See Yawtmk

“See Ya”

I completely forgot to get a new picture of Baxter for the blog post! I have to get back into a routine.

22 thoughts on “Fiesta!!!

    • There’s something I find very appealing about having everything I need for a quilt all ready in a project box. Those blocks were so much fun to put together – as I didn’t know exactly how the fussy cut parts would look until it was sewn.




  1. Skirts whirling, castanets clicking, feet stomping, hair swirling, color in a blur. Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. Fiesta!


  2. The blue one, my favourite, what a superb design. When I would see another quilt design or block, I realise that housework and shopping would have to be left aside for many months.The ‘Toon is so right, your spring is on the way, we wilol see another beautiful finish before too long.


    • I gave up trying to pick a favourite of the ones I made as each one was so different!! I think I’ll post pictures of some of the others as well.




    • Thank you. And thank you for the inspiration that each Inklingo collection brings! I know I say this all the time, but Inklingo makes it easy to sew beautiful quilts.




  3. Over the moon thrilled that you are back to blogging! I’ve missed your wonderful inspiration, Baxter and Mr. Q. I was so hoping those new Inklingo collections would reignite your blogging mojo!


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