More Fiesta

The colourful Fiesta blocks are the perfect antidote to the grey days of winter that we’ve had so many of this year. I have enough of the fabric left to use in some other project that calls for some wild and colourful fussy cut pieces.

Gold Star Block IMG_3205wtmk

The effects from fussy cutting/printing a fabric always is a bit of a surprise until the pieces are sewn together. The fabric I used to fussy cut/print for Fiesta has definitely been that – and then some. It was fun to see each block as I finished it.

Purple Star Block lIMG_3200wtmk

Some of the stars end up almost hidden, but that doesn’t worry me at all. I love the look of blocks like this one.

Pink Fiesta BlockIMG_3207wtmk

This one is my favourite of these four.  Of course, because it’s pink!!

Blue Fiesta Block IMG_3208wtmk

The fussy cutting/printing effect of this one was fun to see as I put the block together.

Block Back IMG_3202wtmk

I graded the seams and pressed the blocks before I began sewing them together.

If I can stay focused — which is a huge if — I may have the top together by the end of the week.  I’m aiming for that but know that I’m easily distracted and likely to find I need to spend an evening or two working on something else.

Celestial Siestawtmk

“Celestial Siesta”

Baxter March 2, 2020 IMG_3211wtmk

I’m so glad Baxter is content to sit still and pose for photos like this one.

9 thoughts on “More Fiesta

  1. I drug out my Hoffman Challenge fabrics yesterday. Ummmmmmmmmmm… maybe I should Inklingo them.

    You are definitely on a roll, girl. Can’t wait for the next installment.


  2. It’s nice to see that you’re blogging fairly regularly again. The blocks look very rich. Looking forward to seeing the top at the end of the week, next week or whenever. Lol


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  4. Cathi, the blocks are so beautiful. It would be fun to see the what your fabric looks like before you cut it. Sometimes we dont always see the potential in the fabric on the bolt. Thanks again for sharing.


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