And Yet More Fiesta!

I am not even close to finishing the Fiesta top. I keep forgetting that even though I laid out the blocks and thought I had the block placement all figured out, I’ve been changing it as I go — so it’s not just a matter of sewing the blocks together now but moving them around and — well, just changing things on every row since the second one!

Blue Block IMG_3228wtmk

So all I’ve got are some more pics of a few of the blocks. First a pretty blue star block.

Gold Block IMG_3230wtmk

Some of the star blocks have a frame, so to speak, as well.  Like this gold star one.

Purple Block IMG_3231wtmk

And this purple star one.

Pink Block IMG_3229wtmk

And, of course, I saved the best for last — a pink one!

Fabric for Fiesta IMG_3226wtmk

I was asked again about the fabric I used to fussy cut for Fiesta. It’s this fabric. I saw it on sale and bought a few yards of it a number of years ago. I had no idea in mind for it at all when I saw it, just knew that that fabric was going to translate  into something fabulous eventually. Since then I’ve tried window templates of all sorts of shapes on it and none of them were right until Fiesta. When I made a window template for the Fiesta shape and tried it, it was perfect!



Baxter IMG_3213wtmk

Baxter was reclining on a pillow after having managed to get a vast number of his toys all bunched up together at the entrance to his tunnel or in the tunnel.

I looked out the window yesterday and the roof garden lawn looked as though something had dug up funny little holes all over. Then I just happened to look up and there, sitting in a tree looking right back at me, was a raccoon. We checked periodically throughout the afternoon and there it stayed. But as soon as it was dark, the raccoon had climbed down.

9 thoughts on “And Yet More Fiesta!

  1. You are having quite the Fiesta! Nicely done! The picture of Baxter is amazing, he’s really a magnificent cat!
    The raccoons are out in full force here. They have managed to take down a couple of my bird feeders and raided the sunflower seeds from others! I need a big dog to guard the bird feeders ! 🙂


  2. How did a raccoon get up to the roof garden? How many floors up is it? Raccoons do that — aerate the lawn.
    Baxter…not happy with you.
    And Fiesta! Be still my heart. You just might get my motor started!


  3. These fiesta blocks are just too pretty! How surprising to find a raccoon on the roof garden! Our yard is full of little holes dug by squirrels burying and unburying the acorns from our oak trees. It is spring here and the birds are busy singing and the flowers are blooming.


  4. Your blocks are beautiful, as always, Cathi!! The fabric is perfect!! Baxter is as handsome as ever! Have you had raccoons on your rooftop before? Hope you have a plan to get rid of them….they can be very destructive!! Sorry I haven’t commented recently…life just gets in the way sometimes. I always enjoy your posts!!


  5. You are inspiring me to get my needle flying again,,, this Virus nightmare has me down and out, but with new pictures of back basting from you (no matter how old) are new to me! My 25 year quilt project is on the tracks again, and with the last few blocks back basted, ready to go and be done I will be ready to hand construct it!


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