I’m Back … Again!

Finally — almost a year to the day since I last blogged — here I am again. What have I been doing?

Mostly just making these.

Lots and lots of these. Many of our neighbours, friends and others have been wearing some very colourful masks thanks to Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I had made a few masks for myself and a couple of friends and then was getting requests for them.  

Many other masks made mostly with other fabrics from my stash.

There were some with ties.

And some with ear loops.  I learned early on that I seem to know a lot of people with very small earlobes as they could not keep on masks made with ear loops easily at all.  At that point I switched to making masks with ties.  After that I switched to the elastic going around the back of the head and they have proved to be the most comfortable for almost everyone.

There were some Christmas ones for kids.

And some beaded Christmas ones. If we have to wear masks, we may as well have some fun ones to wear. 

I have been doing some quilt-related sewing too. That will follow next week.  

Baxter has been quite content in his new kitty tree.  

“Tracking Down the Virus”

16 thoughts on “I’m Back … Again!

  1. Glad to see your blog again. Hasn’t this past year been a strange one. I’m glad you’ve been busy. The masks are pretty. I made some but not too many. My sister has been making them and donating them to a hospital.


  2. that was some production line you had going, with all those masks ^^
    I made quite a few for us, family & neighbours during first lockdown way back in March last year. Didn’t think then, that we’d still be wearing masks a year later!


  3. SEW good to see you back. You have been MIA! Was ready to write Inklingo and ask if something awful had happened. You definitely have been busy. The masks aren’t hard to make; they are fiddly! As I learned too.

    I had my second vaccine shot on Tuesday, and had a mild reaction this time. The first had a few more after-effects, but nothing terribly serious. Just slowed me down for a week.

    Glad that Baxter has been keeping things in order.


  4. Cathi, so good to see you here, The masks are beautiful, I have made some but not near your prolific numbers. Baxter, hope you are happy there and you are all safe. Heaps of love to you both, or shpuld I say the threesome.


  5. So good to see you back Cathi. You have been missed. I am glad to see Baxter is still as relaxed a ever. Hope fully mask making is not all you have been doing. Simone in melbourne Australia


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