The Final 5 Patchwork of the Crosses Blocks


There are still seven blocks to be completed and pressed, but two of those seven have been started. I’m working on these last ones slightly differently in that I’m starting out with groups of shapes that I think will work for each block but am changing things out as I stitch them. The two that are started are pink – lots and lots of pink. The one that is almost finished is being called cotton candy by Mr. Q.O.


The final five will look something like these groupings. The box in which I have all the extra 90-degree hexagons I had printed when I began the POTC blocks is close by, so I can change things out as and when I decide a colour grouping needs some tweaking.

Very little stitching was done around here yesterday as I spent a few hours at the hospital. Baxter had, on Wednesday while he was being brushed and combed, given me a bit of a bite. Not a big deal, or so I thought at the time. I did the normal thing when it happened and put peroxide on and then some polysporin and really didn’t think much more of it. Yesterday afternoon I noticed the finger was swollen and rather red. I called my GP who told me to go to emerg. So off we went. A tetanus shot and a prescription for the most enormous antibiotics I’ve ever seen were the result. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were wonderful and I was in and out of there pretty quickly.


“Picnic? Yum!”


Mr. Whiskers, also known as Baxter, also known as Basher from today’s ‘toon, and now also known as Bitey Boy

7 thoughts on “The Final 5 Patchwork of the Crosses Blocks

  1. Ouch, I hope your finger heals quickly! Baxter, I’m sure you didn’t mean to hurt Cathi but it wasn’t very nice of you to bite. Wow, that certainly is a very pink block…..did you know that in Australia, cotton candy is called Fairy Floss?


  2. Cathi, That is a hot pink, my Mother would love it, she is drawn to bright, intense color and gets so happy when she can see or wear it. I too love to look at them. That Baxter was giving you a love bite, I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt you. Loving the toons!


  3. Oh my, doesn’t Baxter know that you” don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? Got a little too frisky perhaps.
    The cotton candy block looks good enough to eat!
    The toon is so funny again! Cappy and the parasailing friend!


  4. Ouchie, hope it gets better. Your cartoon really had me LOL. They are migrating to more complex scenes. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

    While I don’t always comment, rest assured that I read your blog every day. It is the only one I have delivered via email.

    Hope you have a great weekend!



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