Three More Sunflowers – Lots of Pink

Three more to add to the growing stack of sunflowers were done over the past few days.


One that makes me think of raspberries.


Then one that might be a berry and orange fruit salad.


And the last of the trio. I love the look of this one with all the movement created in the design of the batik. Of course, it’s no surprise I love this trio – with all that pink!




This is one of my current favourite shots of Baxter. I love how perfectly this one captures the colour of his eyes!


13 thoughts on “Three More Sunflowers – Lots of Pink

  1. Wonderful blocks as always and the pink is so stunning!
    The toon is great, I like the kitty kooler and that egg coming up in the lake! So funny!
    Cool pic of Baxter!


  2. Love them all, especially the berry and orange! I’m old enough to have grown up with color “rules.” Never mix red and pink. Never mix red, pink and orange. Never mix blue and green. Seriously. Quilting changed my color life! Ha!


  3. Hi Cathi-love all 3 especially with the “swirls” in the batiks. I think the Hobby Horse (but I will check) have a pillow panel witha maine coon and instantly thought of you, the Mr. and Baxter. Think it;s on their facebook page but will confirm!


  4. I love the idea of using the batiks! I’m stingy with mine as I want the most ‘pop’ possible, and this really WORKS! Time to print up some


  5. BLERG! Got interrupted…
    Time to print up some Inklingo with the batiks and white solids, it looks GORGEOUS! Also too hot to be in my sewing room and these I can hand piece in the family room – which is air conditioned! Love the YouTube videos, they help me a lot!


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