An Aztec Calendar Sunflower


This sunflower makes Mr. Q.O. think of an Aztec calendar. It makes me think of tropical water and bright sun. And it will be somewhere near the Caribbean sunflower when it comes time to arrange the blocks, I think.


The seams are graded and the little block is pressed.

And now there are 18 completed sunflowers. Once I get the first 20 done, I’ll get out the temporary design wall and put them all up for a photo shoot..

Night in the Woodswtmk

“Night in the Woods.”


Baxter is on his perch pretty much all afternoon and evening these days as there is much to be seen out on the roof garden. Something caught his eye yesterday and he was very, very intensely staring out at it for quite some time.

11 thoughts on “An Aztec Calendar Sunflower

  1. That is a fantastic block! They just keep getting better and better!
    The toon is great, Baxter is so brave out there in the woods! Even with that creepy hand, he still looks like he is in no way frightened.
    Great pic of Baxter!


  2. Hi, Cathi. Came over from QuilterBlogs. Your sunflower blocks are gorgeous, both the blues and the pinks. I am particularly intrigued by the design that the back forms. That would also be fun to explore. Enjoyed visiting your blog–and the kitty pictures keep things in perspective!
    best from Tunisia,


  3. Nice block, kind of fits with your husband’s idea of Aztec clock. It is always nice when our spouse shows an interest in our creations. My cat usedmtomstare transfixed at a wall sometimes. I told my children that she sees angels watching over us.


  4. Love this batik sunflower! And the night in the woods…city folk usually think it is quiet in the woods, and rightfully so compared to what they are used to. But I live in the woods, and Baxter has it right…it is a different kind of noise. Great toon!


  5. Lots to look at today’s toon. Love all the hidden faces, frogs, the hand and all the other wonderful items

    Your blocks are beautiful!!! Of course I like everything you do.



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