A Sunny Patchwork of the Crosses Block


A very orange Patchwork of the Crosses block was made last night.

Why am I making more of these? Because last weekend, when I got out the Patchwork of the Crosses blocks I had done and had a good look at them, I realized that I was going to have a fairly small quilt with the ones I’ve done that I want to put in this quilt. There are a few that aren’t going to make it into this quilt top. I decided that I need to make eight more blocks. I’m so glad I had printed lots of extra shapes as I was able to find perfect combinations for the last eight blocks. The only thing I’ll need to print are more of the cream hexagons for the frames on each block.


The back, after pressing. The seams aren’t yet graded.

That was the other thing I realized on the weekend. I haven’t graded any of the seams on the finished blocks. So sometime over the next week or so, I will get that done.

Alien Opt For a Closer Lookwtmk

“Aliens Opt For A Closer Look.” There has been a spaceship hovering in the ‘toons the last couple of days and it seems the aliens have decided to come have a closer look at the kitties and their pals. Don’t ask where these ideas come from. Mr. Q.O. has quite the imagination!


Baxter spent a lot of time in his kitty tree yesterday, looking to see what was going on out on the roof garden. The gardeners were doing a lot of work out there yesterday and Baxter was making sure he kept his eye on them.

3 thoughts on “A Sunny Patchwork of the Crosses Block

  1. Love that orange, you can never have enough brights in my opinion! Oh my, a spaceship in cottage country…..that’s scary, fortunately we didn’t see any when we drove through. Baxter, you make sure those gardeners are working, won’t you?


  2. That is a spectacular block — love the orange, and of course always appreciate the back view with your perfect pressing. Baxter looks very handsome in that photo.


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