Another Pieced Hexagon


I couldn’t resist making another pieced hexagon. This time all pinks and white and made up of nothing but triangles from the 1.5″ 60-degree diamond Inklingo shape collection.


It began with six pink half triangles and six white half triangles.


That were stitched together to form 6 of these units.


Which were then stitched together to form the centre 1.5″ hexagon.


Then six dark pink triangles and twelve light pink half triangles were needed for the next step.


Each dark pink triangle had two light pink triangles added to it.


Finally, twelve white half triangles.


Which were stitched together to form these units.


Which were then added to the dark pink/light pink units to form this.


Which was stitched around the centre 1.5″ hexagon and a new 3″ pieced hexagon was finished.


Seams graded and pieced hexagon pressed.

hex june 18wtmk

And for those using Inklingo, my Monkey’s Cheat Sheet. Again, the  column at the far right shows the sizes of pages to print if you want to have a number of shapes ready to mix and match to make other pieced hexagons.

Water Sports at the Cottagewtmk

“Water Sports at the Cottage.”


Baxter was very, very busy yesterday leaping on to his kitty tree, watching intently out the window for a little while and then tearing off to play with his toys. When we caught up with him to take a picture, he was finally settling down and relaxing. But only for a little while.

5 thoughts on “Another Pieced Hexagon

  1. Your instructions and the Monkey Cheat Sheet are genius, Cath! And the underwater ‘toon? What can I say? Kudos to Mr. Q.O. for keeping us all laughing. A cat underwater? Whoda thunk it? LOL! I hope Baxter’s kitty pals like each other and aren’t claustrophobic! And I see the alien spaceship is still around. Great blog!


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