A Caribbean Sunflower


For some reason, this one makes me think of the Caribbean. A comment left last week on one of the sunflower posts about the quilt being of different seasons of sunflowers has me thinking about possibly arranging the blocks by season when they’re all done. If I do that, this one would definitely be a summer one. It’s one of my favourite batiks. I was so glad I had enough of it left to make a sunflower.

With each one of these that I make, I’m finding it’s faster and faster to stitch. It used to be around a 4 or 5-hour stitch. Now I’ve got it down to about 3 hours from start to finish, including grading the seams and pressing.


Seams graded and the Caribbean summer sunflower pressed.

Who Left the Porch Light Onwtmk

“Who Left the Porch Light On?”


He was stretched out on his kitty tree watching the gardeners out on the roof garden yesterday.

14 thoughts on “A Caribbean Sunflower

  1. Ahh, Baxter presiding over his kingdom, all is right with the kitty world. Mr. QO’s cat-toon cracked me up, thank you. The Caribbean sunflower fabric is so cool, looks like waves breaking on the beach.


  2. Please let me know if there is a pattern for your sunflower block. I will like to try it. My email is cusypernas [at] gmail [dot] com, and I follow your blog.


  3. I love that sunflower! Looks like it’s floating in the waves!
    That toon is so right, looks just like our windows at night, but we also have little green tree frogs attached to the windows drawn by the light inside. And he zaps the bugs that are close by to him. Crunch, crunch.


  4. It IS a Caribbean Sunflower! That’s the perfect name, Cath! Love, love, LOVE the ‘toon today. That Mr. Q.O. is a master cartoonist! Love the alien! And the kitty nightshirts…. and the bunny slippers…. and the fun bugs and critters……and… and….


  5. Hi, Cathi! I’m in San Francisco this week enjoying your blogs in the mornings as I guzzle a cup of morning coffee before my baby granddaughter awakens, lol! Ahhhhhh…that’s how I feel about your Caribbean Sunflower…it definitely inspires a sunny vacation in the topics! Just gorgeous!!! Hugs to you! 🙂


  6. Mr. QO’s cartoon today is spot on! It is just the scene at our door after sundown. Loved the concept and the drawing. Your sunflowers are awesome!


  7. A very apt name for your sunflower! Baxter, I bet you would love to be at that toon cottage with your friends…..just as well those bugs aren’t real, some of them are quite fearsome.


  8. Oh, I love this one, too! you won’t want to hear this, I’m sure . . . but I’m thinking it would also fit in a ‘four elements’ quilt. (sorry! I’m sure you have enough on your planning plate already!) 🙂 ~ Linne


  9. I look at that block and I can see my feet in the water, sinking into the white sand of the blue Caribbean Sea (never mind that I’ve never been there). I could hang that on my wall and look at it forever. Forever!


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