Another Pieced Hexagon


This one is another of the 3″ pieced hexagons. It was very quick to stitch, taking only a few hours.


It began with six half 1.5″ 60-degree diamonds in pink and six half 1.5″ 60-degree diamonds in white.


They were stitched into diamonds.


Then three pink thirds of a .75″ hexagon and six cream thirds of a .75″ hexagon.


They were stitched into a .75″ hexagon.


Three .75″ pink diamonds were needed.


To stitch with the .75″ pieced hexagons and it then became a 1.5″ pieced hexagon.


Next to add were the six plaid 1.5″ equilateral triangles together with the pieced 1.5″ diamonds.


Then came the fun – loads of continuous stitching to first add the triangles around the 1.5″ pieced hexagon and then add the 1.5″ pieced diamonds. And the 3″ pieced hexagon was done.


Seams graded, a quick press and it was finished.

Of course I used Inklingo to print my shapes. Because I have Shape Collection #3 on CD, I could use it for all the shapes. It is super value for the money and includes many more shapes than those used in this pieced hexagon. There are three downloadable collections that could be used to print the shapes for this pieced hexagon rather than getting Inklingo Collection #3 – the .75″ 60-degree hexagon, the .75″ 60-degree diamond and the 1.5″ 60-degree diamond collections.


Here’s my Monkey’s Cheat Sheet with the sizes of freezer paper to print the shapes for this particular pieced hexagon. In the very far right-hand column, I have listed larger sheets which is what I used when printing the shapes as I know I’ll be mixing and matching shapes for other pieced hexagons as I go. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, I think you’ll be able to read it quite easily. The references to (P) or (L) are to whether to print in portrait or landscape mode.

Out Back at the Cottagewtmk

“Out Back at the Cottage.” Summer finally arrives this week, but it looks like Baxter and his pals are already having fun at  a summer cottage.


This is his Morris look. He had a very busy afternoon playing with toys and watching out the window and was, I think, trying to relax and not impressed with us insisting on taking his photo.

8 thoughts on “Another Pieced Hexagon

  1. That block is interesting! I don’t think I would try that one, have to stay with the plain old hexagon! LOL!
    Baxter and his friends look like they’re at a summer camp.
    The real Baxter does looks like he is being bothered, you better up his pay scale for poses.


  2. This one is very interesting, and is one I have been considering. It really makes an unusual pattern. First I need to purchase the smaller Hexie package, but I’ll get to it soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Glenda Correll


  3. Baxter has a very proud look doesn’t he? The cat that ate the mouse~ hahah.
    I always look at your beautiful blocks and think…oh, I can do that, until I see that ruler; then I’m out!


  4. Cathi, can you simply print on the freezer paper, then iron it onto fabric for cutting out? Or do you have to iron it onto the fabric, then print . . . ? Thanks. Love your hexie, by the way. ~ Linne


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