Revisiting the Patchwork of the Crosses Blocks


For months and months I have been wondering what I would use for the 2″ squares that will be used to connect my Patchwork of the Crosses blocks, some of which were last seen in this photo. And while I wondered, there were six blocks waiting for their frame of cream hexagons and purple 1″ connector squares and two more that just needed their 1″ purple connector squares added. I think I hit on the solution – a very pale yellow that I think is going to work for the 2″ squares.


So one of the remaining blocks had its purple squares added and then it was put on top of that yellow fabric. It’s a very pale yellow but I think it reads just differently enough from the cream. This picture was taken at night with a flash. If it’s nice enough out on the roof garden today, I think I’ll take a few of the blocks out and see how they will look with that yellow before I make the final decision.


The block is pressed but none of the seams are graded. When I looked through my completed blocks, I realized I hadn’t graded any of the seams. Sometime over the next few days, I will start working on that as I definitely want to get that done before I start joining the blocks. I still have to print the shapes that will be used on the edges of the quilt top, but the fabrics are ready and waiting. I may spend some time this weekend figuring out exactly what I need to print and get those shapes printed and cut out so that maybe, just maybe, I can get this quilt top finished before the end of the summer.

At the Cottagewtmk

“At the Cottage.”


Baxter was busy looking out the window yesterday. The birds were singing from very early in the morning until well into the evening and he spent a lot of time on his kitty tree.

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