Very Subdued Sunflower


I said the next one was going to be subdued in comparison to yesterday’s orange sunflower. And this one is. But if I’m going for a colour-wash effect with these blocks, there will be some very subdued, muted sunflowers.

I’m finding putting these together is quicker with each one I make. Putting the ring of diamonds and triangles together, with all the opportunities for continuous stitching, is very fast as each little seam is just one load of stitches on the needle. Once that’s done all that’s left is some curved piecing, which I absolutely love. I’ve already got the next sunflower started. I’m trying to be really good about just picking up the next one in the stack rather than looking for a favourite to stitch.


“Sunrise.” After Monday’s rain, rain and yet more rain, it was wonderful yesterday to wake up to no rain, although it was a bit cloudy, and to hear the birds singing out on the roof garden.


Baxter was definitely posing for the camera. Mr. Q.O. took a series of shots and Baxter didn’t move at all.

5 thoughts on “Very Subdued Sunflower

  1. Subdued, totally muted, but it will make the brighter ones sing with colour. This is going to be totally stunning when finished. Great will power to do each one as it comes, instead of shuffling to find a favourite. Greetings from Jean


  2. I love that blue sunflower, muted are great! And great pic of Baxter!
    Rained 1 1/2 inches this morning, muggy all day and hot, hot, hot, now dropped to 65 and windy with almost a chill in the air, crazy weather!


  3. That looks like a snowflower to me! Now if you have the right fabrics, you could have rainflowers (spring) and moonflowers (autumn) and you’ll have a four seasons flower quilt! Just a thought . . . I know you have plans already; I just couldn’t resist . . . 😉


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