A May Finish


Candy Stars is finished. Hand pieced and machine quilted. The last stitch in the binding was taken late Sunday and the photo shoot happened out on the roof garden yesterday afternoon. Having such good weather and being able to take photos outside is great as the colours in the little quilt show up so much better.


I found this fabric in my stash for the backing of the little quilt.


A close-up of some of the machine quilting.

It’s rather amazing to think there are over 930 pieces in a little quilt that measures 20″ x 26″. Now I can’t wait to get it on its way to its new home and hopefully see a picture of it on the doll bed!

I couldn’t have made this little quilt without Inklingo. I used shapes from two collections to make it – the .75″ 45-degree diamonds from the 6″ Hunter’s Star collection and the .75″ squares and octagons from the .75″ Octagon collection. Having the perfect stitching lines and matching points makes piecing tiny shapes like this absolutely painless – no worries about precision at all. Just print, cut and stitch.

Spring Plantingwtmk

“Spring Planting.”


Baxter in his kitty tree — again. He has to keep watch over all the goings-on out on the roof garden.


16 thoughts on “A May Finish

  1. Whoever is the recipient of that doll quilt will surely love it!
    Baxter’s garden is looking good! He sure dresses up to garden, where are his overalls? šŸ™‚


  2. Cathi,

    It is so nice to take the time to catch up on your blog again. I’ve missed you…
    Gosh, this is so so beautiful!~ What a lucky recipient!~ You will have to show us when you get a photo of it on the doll bed.
    I’m very happy to hear that you are having nice weather.


  3. It looks fantastic! Love how the red went out to the edges. And your grouping of the pink and orange stars look great – it all ties together so well. Congrats on the finish


  4. The quilt is absolutely fabulous! Some little girl is going to be a happy camper when she receives this quilt. Thank you for sharing the finished quilt. As usual Baxter is so handsome.


  5. I love how you are always challenging yourself with your new projects — this little quilt is a real stunner. I can barely wrap my head around the size of those tiny pieces. The backing and quilting are perfect finishes for this tiny gem.


  6. I’m almost sad to see it finished. I really looked forward to seeing the updates as you went along. You did an amazing job. You must be so proud of yourself.


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