Tiny Sisters


Now that Candy Stars is almost finished – all that’s left is the label now – I had to find another miniature to play with. So I decided on this tiny Seven Sisters block made with .50″ diamonds. It’s the same size as a 2.5″ hexagon and was a very quick little block to stitch as each seam was just one load of stitches on the needle.


The back of it is almost nothing but seam allowances, even after grading the seams. I was so grateful for my Rowenta travel iron when pressing those tiny seams!


Just to give some perspective, that’s a nickel on top of the centre star of the Tiny Sisters. I can’t get over the difference in the colour in these photographs. The top two were taken outside on the roof garden and are definitely the right colour while this one was taken indoors and distorted the colour of the stars.


The floral arrangements in the urns at the front of our building are beautiful right now – lots of pink!


We had more glorious weather on the weekend and the leaves are now opening on the trees. The crab apple tree on the roof garden has little blossoms on it almost ready to open and the leaves on the tree directly in front of our living room window are almost ready to open. Soon we’ll have our beautiful view of green.


The one lone daffodil in the roof garden flowerbeds didn’t bloom this year. I think the storm we had a few weeks ago put an end to that. But there was some yellow to be seen on the roof garden. Even though it was dandelions, they’re a welcome splash of colour. The grass is growing incredibly fast. The gardeners had just cut the lawn on Thursday or Friday and here it is on Sunday, looking like it hasn’t been cut at all.




Baxter was very busy watching out the window this weekend. And listening as we were serenaded by a variety of birds.

13 thoughts on “Tiny Sisters

  1. What a pretty arrangement of flowers! Spring must be very welcome this year. Seven sisters is a great design, I have seen some lovely full size ones. Keep watching those birds, Baxter!


  2. I wonder, how small could you go? These blocks, as always, are truly awesome 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about indoor photography. I’m never happy with my photographs but we just don’t get good daylight here very often, even outdoors. Avis x


  3. Great job on your Seven Sisters block! I love to make small blocks, too and I understand what you mean about the wall-to-wall seam allowances.


  4. Love the block. Do you plan to make more and turn them into a mini quilt or do you have other plans for this one?
    Glad to see Spring has arrived for you. Enjoy the sun


  5. That is the cutest darn block. Always wanted to make a seven sister quilt, though slightly larger LOL. Tell Baxter to get Cappy off the lawn if he’s going to be spraying!!



  6. I love this so much, and I can’t even imagine making such a tiny SS block. No matter what size your pieced blocks are, they are always perfectly stitched. I am in awe!


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