I’m Seeing Stars


Little stars, medium stars, big stars. I’m seeing them all. The large ones made with 1″ 60-degree diamonds, the medium with .74″ diamonds and the little ones with .50″ diamonds. All printed on my fabrics with various Inklingo 60-degree diamond collections.


The large ones are for the tumbling stars quilt. The medium ones will be incorporated into a mug rug or mini quilt. The little ones? I’m playing with an idea for another miniature doll bed quilt and of course I’m starting out with some pink stars. This miniature will have a variety of coloured stars in it, all made with batiks. They’re a treat to stitch – one load of stitches on the needle and the little seam is done. It takes no time to make a few of these stars. In fact, it took longer to print and cut 42 diamonds than it took to stitch two of them. And if you have used Inklingo, you know it takes no time at all to print. And rotary cutting with the perfect cutting lines takes no time either.


A few seconds and the seams are graded.


“Flower Delivery.”

There are no flowers on the roof garden yet, but the gardeners have been busy out there getting things ready. We are having such glorious weather that I keep wondering if they might break the rules and plant before May 24. But I suppose not as that would be tempting the cold weather to come back.


After a busy day watching out the window and listening to the birds, Baxter was lounging in his kitty bed guarding his toys. Shortly after this photo was taken, he was sound asleep using the catnip banana as his pillow.


4 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Stars

  1. Cathi, how are the stars measured…..along the sides, or from tip to tip? Just curious. Keep an eye on that window, Baxter…….summer will be here before you know it!


  2. Goodness you really are seeing stars. One of my favorite shapes to stitch up :0) I’ve been tempted to put the snow shovels away but Bob moved the snow blower to the back of the garage…..so I better hold off on the shovels LOL.



  3. We were just talking about people planting too early because the weather is so nice right now. We won’t plant anything until at least May 24. We have had lots of frosts just before that in recent years so I won’t take a chance. Didn’t watch the game today (Sunday)… so disgusted with their lack luster effort of late, and wouldn’t you know that they would blow Seattle out of the Rogers centre! Oh well. I will probably be back at it next game but it is so frustrating to watch! Hope everything is good! Talk soon!


  4. Such pretty fabrics making up these tiny stars. I’ve been enjoying the flowers here as well. I spent a lot of time outside yesterday. It’s a bit cloudy today, but plan to do the same. Nice and cool and comfortable out there… no bugs (knock on wood), except love bugs and they are harmless.


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