Tumbling Stars

Candy Stars is now quilted. All that’s left to do is the binding and the label.


So I’ve started making the stars for the tumbling stars quilt in earnest. Another 102 to go and I’ll have all the stars for the quilt ready. I’ve got enough of the 1″ diamonds printed for another 20 stars. This weekend my printer is going to get a workout as I hope to get the balance of the diamonds printed for the stars and get a start on printing all the diamonds for the tumbling blocks.


I love making the little 6-point stars as they go together so quickly. Grading the seams as I finish each star takes only a few seconds.


“Kitty Candy Store.”


Baxter in his favourite spot now that there’s some activity out on the roof garden. It has been so mild here that we’ve had the heat off and windows open for over 48 hours now. I think spring may finally be here!

12 thoughts on “Tumbling Stars

  1. I love your stars and the fabric choices!
    Kitty Candy, my cats would love to shop there!
    Spring left us the other day, snow and ice on the ground this morning and cold the next 4-5 days 😦


  2. Your stars have been a delight to watch being created! So small too…amazing!
    So happy you finally have some lovely, warm weather…it’s been a long, long
    winter for you!
    Hugs and happy stitching!


  3. Beautiful looking and very Canadian too.
    I like that! Almost every quilt book has a “stars & stripes” rendition that in fact usually only relate to the colours (also France, but I wont tell them) so I get so thrilled to see the best of RED & WHITE. Sounds like I need to get out more huh? LOL
    Howdo Mr. Baxter – you missed an interesting and well put-together Creative Festival, quite crowded.
    Cheers from Oshawa.


  4. I can’t wait to see your finished candied stars. You have been busy while I have been gone! Love your red and cream stars too. I saw a wooden plaque the other day that said “if You don’t tell you cat about catnip, who will?” The proprietor said her daughter calls catnip “kitty crack”. I thought of Baxter!


  5. Love these new stars and look forward to seeing the 102 – are you doing them all in the same two fabrics you have here or will they be different colours?
    Good to hear Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods. I must admit I’ve been enjoying the lovely days here lately too.


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