Another Mug Rug Beginning

Yesterday I finished off the piecing of Candy Stars, graded the last of the little seams, made the bias binding and got the little quilt basted and ready to quilt.


So last night I decided to play for a bit with some hexagons as I’m going to make another one of the hexagon mug rugs and prepare a pattern for it. Because, of course, I have loads and loads of hexagons and half hexagons that I had already printed on fabrics I was able to just get started. The pieced hexagons are very quick to stitch, so I should have this done in no time. I love having shapes already printed that are just waiting to come out to play. I have little boxes full of different shapes and it’s often those boxes that I go to when I have an idea and just want to see how it’s going to look.


I don’t have enough of the cupcake fabric left for the backing of another of the hexagon mug rugs, but found this fabric that I think is perfect for a mug rug backing.


“Bird Watching.”


I often share my pillow with Baxter. It’s very nice to have a nice warm, purring kitty lull me to sleep at night. But it’s a very good thing that it’s a king-sized pillow or else I don’t think there’d be room for both of us!


11 thoughts on “Another Mug Rug Beginning

  1. I love that backing fabric for your mug rug, it is perfect!
    Baxter looks like he’s instructing his friends on the proper way to watch birds, but Cappy better stay away from the birds!


  2. I just printed all my fabric for the periwinkle reverse mystery yesterday and ready to start cutting them out. I have noticed your reference to grading the seams – can you explain that for me. I used to sew clothing and would cut one side of the seam a bit narrower. I assume that is what you are talking about. Do you do it on ALL seams and all inklingo patterns?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Yes, do tell what is grading seams. Not heard of this term.
    Love your candy stars. The hex mug rug is a great idea too.
    thanks for sharing


  4. The backing is absoluetly perfect for mug rugs. Sleeping with kitties was a new experience for me when I was out in Seattle. My sisters cats are snugglers. Didn’t appreciate having my elbow licked by one of them in the middle of the night though LOL



  5. I still haven’t used InkLingo! Just too busy with family stuff right now. Soon, though . . . In the meantime, I’m thinking of ordering another, larger set of the plastic “Quilt Patis” from Sew Sisters. I love using the small ones, but I’d need a larger set to make mug rugs. Yours look lovely! Tell Baxter if he ever needs another pillow, I’ll share . . .
    ~ Linne


  6. gorgeous backing fabric where did you get it? I have found a new to me fabric “store” — just ordered some material from there last night. Shipping only $5.95!



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