Weekend Stitching

A mini sewing marathon. That’s what was going on here this weekend.


And here is the result of the mini sewing marathon. Candy Stars is all but finished – the piecing of it, that is. All that’s left is to add the final red octagons and diamonds around the edges. It will finish at 20″ x 26″. I was determined to get it to this stage, and I did.


I am so glad I graded the seams as I went. It would be rather daunting to be faced with grading all those seams at once. If my calculations are right, there are 932 pieces in this little quilt. Once the final bits are added and those final few seams graded, it will be finished. A quick final press and then it will be time to baste, quilt and bind it.


“Loyal Fans Notwithstanding.”


The look on his face in this photo makes me laugh. He is really enjoying spending time in his kitty tree right now as there are many, many birds to watch.

18 thoughts on “Weekend Stitching

  1. Beautiful!! Took my breath away as I opened the email and saw the picture!!! It is absolutely amazing to see what you do!! Thank you ever so much for sharing and inspiring!


  2. Hi Cathi, love the candy stars quilt. I thought you were going to end with the white on the outside, but the red is going to really stand out as a border!! So cool. This will be so neat when done. I am glad to see that you are almost finished. Gives the rest of us incentive to get to the flimsy stage with our projects.


  3. Last week when I first saw you were using red in this quilt I honestly didn’t like it. BUT after seeing it today, I LOVE how it looks. A lot of work for sure. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

    LOL Baxter looks like a deer in headlights. So cute.


  4. Wow I can’t believe how many pieces there are in this little quilt. It is so dang pretty. Baxter looks like he’s mad cuz he can’t go out and hunt those birds :0)


  5. spectacular! and so intricate, I’m just in awe… I’m just crazy about stars, I try to incorporate them somewhere in every quilt I make. just finished putting together some odd looking stars on a quilt back right now in fact… thanks for sharing…


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