Candy Stars is Growing


I am staying focused on Candy Stars. In this photo, the fourth row of stars is added. Right now it measures approximately 13″ x 26″.

Since the picture was taken early evening yesterday, I’ve added the next row of red connecting diamonds and octagons and am ready to add the fifth row of stars. I was overly optimistic about how long this would take, but I’m hoping that by the time the weekend is over I’ll be up to adding the sixth and final row of stars. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and be even further ahead.


“Toy King.”


Baxter is a toy king in real life. He often uses Cappy as a pillow when he’s napping – guarding his toys.

13 thoughts on “Candy Stars is Growing

  1. Spectacular quilt! I am amazed it is so small with that many pieces!
    I would like to know the reason why the Toy King has to guard his toys, does he have an imaginary cat in the house?


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