The Last of the Candy Stars


The final 7 Candy Stars are now finished.


Along with this pile of Candy Stars, they will be added to the first three rows using the red connecting diamonds and octagons. I’ll have a good idea after tonight just how long it will take to join them, but I don’t think it will be too long. Now I’m getting excited about seeing this little doll bed quilt finished. Last night I started thinking about possibilities for the backing and the label design.

This has to be one of the worst years for allergies I’ve ever experienced. Scratchy throat, weepy eyes, almost losing my voice, although I’m sure some would say that’s not such a bad thing, all thanks to allergies. I thought it was a cold but it’s just allergies. If nothing else, that is a sure sign spring is on the way so that’s the silver lining to this particular cloud.


“Big Flower.”


No green on the trees yet, but Baxter is spending more and more time in his kitty tree as there’s much to be seen including a pair of woodpeckers who seem to spend a lot of time on the tree that’s immediately in front of our living room window. Great kitty TV!

10 thoughts on “The Last of the Candy Stars

  1. I’m getting excited to see this little quilt all put together :0) Love the Zuit-Suit Baxter is wearing in the toon today :0)



  2. Gorgeous little stars. I thought the background was the connections; so I was trying to see what shapes you used! I think the dark green would be lovely, too, but now I’m waiting to see them on red. Too many colours, too little time . . . ~ Linne


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