A New Obsession


This little pink glue gun has seen a lot of use over the past couple of days. I’ve had it for almost a year but hadn’t needed to use it until now.

Why now? Because the last of my finger pincushions had had it. I was fortunate and had a number of finger pincushions given to me by friends, but the elastic lost its elasticity in the last one and just didn’t want to stay on my finger any longer. It was time to make a few for myself as I just can’t stitch without one now.

So I watched this video a couple of times, printed a few circles on fabrics and used the little pink glue gun for the first time.


This was one evening’s production of finger pincushions. But could I stop there?


Oh, no! Now I have a little box full of them. And really, really want to make more. When I got the little glue gun, I picked up the “economy” pack of 100 glue sticks. I figure I can make around 15 of the finger pincushions per stick of glue. So if I use this for nothing but finger pincushions, that’s 1,500 finger pincushions. More than I’ll ever need.  That won’t stop me although I may have to raid neighbours’ button jars for more buttons.


“Meteor Shower.”


Another of Baxter’s crazy sleeping postures. He loves to brace his hind paws against the balance ball.

7 thoughts on “A New Obsession

  1. Oh Cathi, what a funny new obsession-love it! you could wear a different one every day and still not duplicate-I bet Baxter loves them to bat around (minus pins)-keep us updated on the count!


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