Star Points and More Star Points

The blue and white quilt in my blog header was made with star points and two sizes of hexagons. They were from the first Inklingo collection on CD, which was sold out long ago. But just a few days ago, new downloadable collections of two sizes of the star points were released. Now we have three sizes of them. And, of course, I’m determined to play with them all.


This red and white star is made with the 1″/2″ star point add-on collection that goes with the 1″ and 2″ hexagons, as was the one in my blog header.


This little triangular piece is made with the star point that goes with the .75″ and 1.5″ hexagons. It is on Inklingo Collection 3 on CD which is fabulous value for money – there are hexagons, diamonds, triangles, star points, elongated hexagons and more and it comes with a great book.


And then there are these enormous 1.5″/3″ star points from the add-on collection that goes with the 1.5″ and 3″ hexagons and which I decided to start playing with yesterday. I have no idea how large this is going to grow. For now, I’ve printed diamonds and star points on 14 fabrics. Once I finish adding those, I’ll decide how much larger I want to make this piece. I may add some black diamonds at points to really make the colours pop.

The star points are fun to play with. They work with hexagons, diamonds and triangles – so all sorts of looks can be accomplished.


“County Walk (waiting for his buddies).”


Back up on his kitty tree. There is much to be seen out the windows. And the leaves on the tree are now opening. When we look out we’re starting to see more green now rather than the concrete office towers across the street.

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