A Tiny Finish


I couldn’t resist turning the little Seven Sisters block into a very tiny mug rug. Three quick lines of machine quilting and it was done. This is the same Seven Sisters block that is equal in size to a 2.5″ hexagon.

The challenge for me was how to finish it. I decided against adding a binding so instead folded the backing over and tacked it down on the front. While I wouldn’t want to do that too often as I think it took longer than a regular binding would have, it was the right solution for this little mug rug.


I used the coffee/tea cup fabric for the backing.

Two finishes in less than a week? That’s definitely not my normal pace at all. It’s fun to finish something like this off so quickly. Tiny scraps of fabric are perfect for miniatures. A batt goes a long, long, long way.  A fat quarter could be the backing for many small pieces and, best of all, I can play with design ideas and colour combinations to my heart’s content. I wonder what my next miniature might be!

We have a pair of cardinals out on the roof garden this year. Yesterday as I was working at the computer, I noticed a flash of red. When I looked, there were a pair of cardinals sitting on the branch that’s mere inches from our window. Of course I didn’t have a camera nearby, but it seems that they may have taken up residence here so I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to get a photo of them soon.


“We Saw a Cardinal Outside our Window Today.”


The one time he wasn’t in his kitty tree yesterday was when the cardinals were sitting right outside the window. But he was there most of the rest of the day and evening. When I took this shot, he was half awake.

16 thoughts on “A Tiny Finish

  1. So very cute! I wish I had more time or handwork. I am plugging along with my poinsettia hexi tablecloth but I only have a few ours a week to do it. I had 2 cardinals on the railing of my deck last night as well, but no camera handy. We have seen them off and on for a few weeks, but this was the first time they were together. The little female is so delicate looking!


  2. How lucky you are to have the cardinals, they are so pretty – especially against a snowy background, which is how we saw some! Your little mug rug is just about cardinal red in colour too.


  3. Dear Cathi, I always read your blog and love it. Thank you for faithfully sharing your charming quilts and Baxter. I am very fond of miniature quilts and you are so right, they can be finished quickly, giving more time for the next inspiration. The backing is so fun. What batting did you use this time and normally use on miniatures?


  4. Darling mug mat!!! So happy that spring and cardinals have arrived…fun!!!
    Hope the roof garden bursts into a delightful spring landscape…and the winter
    is past! Hugs!


  5. Years ago, there were 7 women in my first quilting group, and we called ourselves the Seven Sisters. I have always loved that block. One beloved member passed away, others moved away…but I will always be fond of them and of this block! We also have many cardinals in our backyard lately…your SS mug rug in red is wonderful! 🙂


  6. So sweet! Love the mug rug! Cardinals are one of my absolute favorite birds- they’re always a reminder to me that “God’s in his Heaven, and all’s well with the world.” Can’t wait to see your next mini!!


  7. A most delightful pattern you’ve created, and I love the hexagonal form. I really chuckled to myself re: your Maine Coon kitty, missing a grand opportunity to do some “cardinal spectating”. I have a boy cat named Ivan (he’s a Siberian, the Russian-like version of a Maine Coon) and he frequently loses the same chances to see the male-and-female cardinal pair that often come to our kitchen window! Enjoying reading your blog very much!


  8. Loving your mini finishes. I think you are addicted to small projects. Great cartoons and pics of Baxter. He has such a great personality. Hugs.


  9. Have the Cardinals been drawn by all your red lately 🙂
    Another lovely piece. Looking forward to seeing what you pick next too.
    Baxter is a cutie. He def looks half asleep here


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