Pastel Winding Ways


Last night another PIB came out to play – the 4.5 Winding Ways blocks in hand-dyed fabrics. I can tell that the block placement is going to take almost as long as stitching the blocks. They are such fun to stitch that I’m surprised they’ve sat this long. All that lovely curved piecing is irresistible to me!


All the pieces for the blocks are cut and ready to stitch, along with the matching threads, and are all in this box. Having everything in one place makes it really easy to just open the box, pick out some pieces and start stitching!


Baxter’s making his wish list for Christmas. I think he’s going to run out of paper by the looks of it.


Seeing him with the chintz pillow behind him makes me think pink just might be Baxter’s colour.

9 thoughts on “Pastel Winding Ways

  1. This is beautiful. Your sewing box is so organized. I need to prep something like this for those 6 hrs that I sit at dance or that hr at music. I could get a lot of hand sewing done in a week! lol


  2. Seeing your organization always inspires my heart! Wow! With the scrappy winding ways…how do you pick a thread color??? I see you have them all stashed in the box…but which one??? What a darling Baxter is…cats are such dear pets! I miss mine so…but am certain that if I slipped one in…he’d sun in a window and give himself away to the apartment heads!!! No pets…silly rule! ;-)))) Hugs and happy stitching! May your thread never tangle and there be no low pressure days that cause migraines! :-))))


  3. That`s cause he has wonderful pink pads to go with the chintz, I have made a winding ways quilt but by machine not by hand it was already lazer cut, a kit, and it seemed you could not go wrong with the coloring it still turned out no mater how you put the pieces. I would like to try a scrapy one too.


  4. Looking forward to seeing more of these. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen. I finally found a hand dyed shop here and am patiently waiting for some fat 1/8 in lots of colours ready to audition for Dear Jane. I love hand dyed fabric, it’s definitely worth the premium price tag.
    Love Baxter’s list. Macros will be happy so long as I give him some of my xmas feast. Especially anything with cheese or chocolate 🙂


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