Harlequin Pastel


Last night, Mr. Q.O. named the quilt I’m making with the 4.5″ Winding Ways blocks. At first I wasn’t too sure about it, but decided I do like it — so it’s now named Harlequin Pastel. I made three more blocks last night just because I could. All that lovely curved piecing is irresistible to me.


Pressing the blocks like this really cuts down on the bulk in the centre of the block. I haven’t graded the seams yet, but will do that now before I stitch any more of them. So far there are only 12 done, so that won’t take long and then I’ll just grade the seams on each block as I finish it.

There’s still time to enter the giveaway. It’s open for entries until 11:59 p.m. Sunday night. The winner will be announced on Monday.


Baxter was back instructing another class on “How to Help Your Human”. The latest class was about consulting on colour and block placement.


This pose makes me laugh – lying beside the toy basket with a couple of toys already out.

6 thoughts on “Harlequin Pastel

  1. Cracks me up how “Pets” love to be the center of our universes. I cant make, vacuum or tidy a bed! As soon as I head toward one…the dog races me to it and who can say no to sweet, snuggly faces. Hahaha… My cat lays between my sewing machine and ironing board when I’m working away…obstinate old guy; somehow, I think he does it on purpose.
    Keep taking Baxter photos with your quilting…their magic.


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