Recap of Projects on List

It has been so long since I’ve worked on a few of these projects that I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at them again.  First up are a few of the 30 Pink Ice blocks.

Than a few of the 30 Patchwork of the Crosses blocks.

Looking at these first two pictures makes me realize how nice it would be to have a design wall!  I could lay out all 30 blocks for each quilt and photograph them. Reorganizing the living room is on the horizon, so perhaps a design wall can get incorporated into that reorganization.

Next up are a few of the harpsichord blocks.  While I had started putting them into the first row, I have quite a few more done but not added to a row yet.  That will be something that I think I’ll start doing every 10 or 12 blocks or so.

While only one Storm at Sea block is done, as shown below, I have the fabrics for my Stormy Seas quilt ready to print and have worked out how many of each shape I’ll need.  Perhaps this weekend I can get some of the printing done.

The Pickled Ladies, which have clearly captured my interest almost exclusively for the past month and a half.

Then the sunshine star clams which are almost twice the size of the Pickled Ladies blocks:

The final item on the list is the baby quilt, which is ready to quilt as soon as I find the right backing.  Who knew finding a wider flannel would be such an adventure?  I may end up making a pieced backing with some ’30s FQs for it.  No picture of it yet but as soon as it’s quilted there will be.

Every one of these quilts has been/is being made with Inklingo templates printed on my fabric.  It has made even complex patterns like the clamshell pickles simple.

Smudge looking angelic in lace.

And Lester curled up beside Mr. Q.O.’s desk chair.

20 thoughts on “Recap of Projects on List

  1. Whew, it’s a good thing winter is coming…plenty of time to work on all of these lovely projects! See, even winter has a bright side to it now! 😉


  2. My favorite I think is the Sunshine Star Clams quilt. That’s so vibrant and happy, especially with the little surprise star points at the joins. I can’t imagine ever having it in me to sew up those tiny points but I’m satisfied to enjoy looking at yours.

    Do you think you’ll be able to return to simple seams again, or are you heading toward more and more complex piecing challenges?

    What size Storm at Sea blocks are you using? That one is on my wishlist and I can’t decide what size I want. You once mentioned sewing that up by machine. In line with my previous question, do you think you’ll hand piece it or not?

    Thanks as always for all the great pics.


  3. Awww look at Lester. He’s very tired after supporting Mr. Q.O. at the computer. I understand. It’s hard work. And Smudge looks great in that pic.

    I’m refusing to comment on anything else. Rebellious *karendianne.


  4. Just ran across your blog today for the first time. You do beautiful work. Love the pickled arcs. lookign forward to seeing the finished project. Lizzie


  5. Cathi, I love how you grouped everything together in one post. I am fascinated by your colour sense. Each quilt has such a different flavour: inspiring!
    And yes, a design-wall makes a world of difference.


  6. What lovely projects you can enjoy…in whatever state of completion they are in! Of course I love the pickled ladies, but I really enjoyed seeing all the crosses blocks because each one looks so different depending on your fabric choices…very cool!


  7. I love the recap of your projects. I am going to avoid doing this for my current projects in the works because I think I would swoon! Smudge looks lovely in lace. I cannot image what Edgar Poe would do to curtains so I’m glad I only have blinds. The change in the seasons is noted in my house by the kitties curling up with each other to nap. Pretty soon it will be pile o’ cat season LOL!


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