Arcs for the Pickled Ladies

This is what I’ve been doing on and off for the past few days, stitching the arcs together to make more of the Pickled Ladies blocks.  Thanks to continuous stitching, it is actually quite quick to put one of these together as I’m only knotting off and starting a new length of thread twice when making each one — once at the beginning and once about halfway through.  I’ve seemingly settled into a routine of getting 10 or 15 of these arcs stitched and pressed.  Then in a few hours I can have them stitched on to some of the fussy cut clamshells.  It’s sort of fun to see 10 or 15 completed blocks at once before I start on the next batch of arcs.

Over the long weekend I came to the conclusion that I’ve got too many things on the go and out where I can see them.  My plan is to settle on 5 or 6 projects and keep them out but the others are going to be put away for now.  Orphan blocks may get turned into stitching books or perhaps pillows or perhaps they’ll just remain orphan blocks for a while longer.  While I’ve not completely decided, I think the ones that are going to the top of the to-do list are, in no particular order:

  1. setting the Pink Ice blocks into and putting the quilt top together
  2. finishing the Lucy Boston blocks and getting that top set together
  3. working on the Pickled Ladies and sunshine star clamshell pickles
  4. making more of the Harpsichord quilt blocks
  5. working on the Stormy Seas blocks
  6. quilt the baby quilt

I may add one more to that list but this weekend I plan to move things around, put things away and then reassess.  Knowing me, I’m sure some idea or another will come up and I’ll start something else but for now that’s at least my basic plan.

We got this shot late Monday night of the two cats clearly sleeping off their turkey treat.

12 thoughts on “Arcs for the Pickled Ladies

  1. That’s not a bad list….a little smaller than mine, but what the heck…….you are coming into ‘staying inside and quilting’ weather after all! Smudge and Lester look oh-so-relaxed.


  2. Tryptophan will do it every time…even to cats! *wink*

    Great stitching happening there, Cathi. I have to give you credit. If I have more than two projects on the go at the same time I’m a nervous wreck. I couldn’t imagine 3 or more.

    Whatever works, huh? Each one of yours is more beautiful than the next.


  3. Lists are great! I made one a long time ago and followed it and amazingly got all the projects done! However, unless you keep an ongoing list, projects pile up! As soon as I get some of my customers quilts quilted, I will start on some of my long awaited projects.
    Could you please show a quick picture of each of those projects, as I started reading your blog after you were doing the clamshells so I would like to know of the other projects you mentioned on your list. Thanks!


  4. I don’t think your list is too long, a girl has to have some variety :0) It will be fun seeing some of the projects finished too, which gives you room for the new Inklingo releases you HAVE to try out LOL.



  5. I think your list is perfect for now…..until another collection is announced! LOL! Lists….when my Dad retired he had a list of honey do’s on the side of the fridge. It kept growing……(my mother’s handwriting) and things were not getting scratched off. He would do other things than what was on his list. After she passed away, I noticed the list. It was becoming crispy from hanging on the fridge so long. I rescued the list and have it as a memento. I guess I take after my Dad as I always have a list going too.

    Your projects are varied, interesting and original. Keep it up as you inspire this slagger!


  6. Good luck with the prioritizing! I was just thinking today that I need to do the same. Far too many irons in the fire right now. It’ll be less stressful if I can narrow down the ones I really want to work on and put the rest away. Also, what a great picture of the cats together.


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