A Butterfly Block or a Dragonfly or?

When I saw Karen Dianne’s Alabama Beauty blocks, I saw butterflies.  I had to try playing with a bright print for the wings and a black for the body.  Mr. Q.O. thinks this looks more like a dragonfly while I’m thinking it’s a butterfly.  It was one of those blocks I had to make just to see how it would turn out.

The back:

I’m not sure how many more butterflies/dragonflies I’ll make, but I think probably at least enough to make a table topper.  It makes me laugh as I had decided earlier on the long weekend that I was going to limit myself to working on 4 or 5 projects for a few weeks and not start anything else.  Clearly I have limited no self-control when it comes to trying out ideas.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful with great weather, good food and lots of time to just relax.  We didn’t go for the standard Thanksgiving weekend drive to look at the foliage and, as very little has turned yet around here, have only a picture of one of the roses from the front garden to show.  Much as I do admire the fall colours, I rather like the idea that we still have roses blooming at this time of the year.

Smudge spent most of the time the turkey was cooking on Monday in the kitchen. The meowing wasn’t constant, thankfully.   But any time either of us walked into the kitchen he was right there, looking up ever so hopefully that there might be something forthcoming.  Once the turkey was finished, both he and Lester were in the kitchen waiting for their portions.  This was Smudge after his turkey treat.

Earlier in the weekend I was rummaging about in the stationery cupboard looking for something.  I left the door open for a moment, turned my back and the next thing I knew Lester was in there.  We captured this shot as he started to come out after causing a small avalanche of equipment and paper.

10 thoughts on “A Butterfly Block or a Dragonfly or?

  1. Love the block!! To me it looks more like a butterfly. Wow, that fabric can quite possibly hurt the eyes if you stare at it too long. The lines appear quite wavy in the print. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and good to hear the cats were well fed! What is it about cats and crawling into spaces?


  2. I think it looks like a butterfly too and a very pretty one too :0)

    Lester HAD to check things out but I bet he scared himself when everything started falling LOL.



  3. Great fabric isn’t it – a real eye-popper! What a gorgeous rose, ours are just starting to bloom. I’m with Smudge, it’s good to have an after-dinner nap. Did Lester scare himself? Sure looks like it…….


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