Spring Is Here

Well, okay. Maybe not as far as the weather goes, given the forecast for Friday, but in my stitching last night it was. Two little 4.5″ Winding Ways blocks. I’ve tried and tried to resist this idea for months, but yesterday these hand-dyed fabrics were absolutely calling to me and I succumbed. All that wonderful curved piecing? How could I possibly resist!

Ever since I made this pink and red top with the one of the larger sizes of the Inklingo Winding Ways collections, I’ve wanted to make something with one of the other sizes. All that wonderful curved piecing is irresistible to me.

When I went to look for the photo of the red and pink top and realized it was finished almost 2 years ago I couldn’t quite believe it. That one definitely needs to be quilted sooner rather than later. I know I’ve got the batting, backing and the fabric for binding it set aside, so it’s definitely time. I have a variegated pink/red quilting thread that will be perfect.

What will I call this new one? I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking it looks like spring. There are more pieces ready and waiting to be stitched together and there will be more yet, as I print on other shades of the hand-dyed fabrics.

I love piecing and pressing this block. Pressed this way, the block lies lovely and flat.

I used an off-white thread for all the stitching, which is totally unlike me as I prefer to match my threads to the fabrics I’m stitching. I used a 70/2 heirloom thread that pretty much melts into the fabric but, that said, when I start stitching more of these I will get out the matching threads. For now, I’m going to get the other fabrics printed and the shapes cut out and will have them all kitted up so I can get my curved piecing fix whenever I want.

Baxter’s eyes in this photo really caught my attention. Mr. Q.O. captioned it “Is that catnip?”