Golden Wedding Ring 1

In what is probably no surprise to those who know my love for the soft shabby chic colours, I chose one of the 5.75″ repeat fabrics to use for the first Golden Wedding Ring project. I just added some pinks – of course – for the diamonds and a cream background fabric along with a green/blue batik for the arcs and I was set.

GWR 1 IMG_2473wtmk

It was fabulous fun to piece! Loads of continuous piecing opportunities and, of course, curved piecing made it really enjoyable to make this first ring.

GWR 1 Back IMG_2474wtmk

The back, after pressing but before grading of the seams which I intend to do now before I start the next part of the little top.

After making this with the 12″ Golden Wedding Ring collection, I want to make another top using the 16″ collection and a more dramatic fabric for fussy cutting/printing. As tempted as I am to print for that second top right now, I’m determined to finish this first little one before doing so. Stay tuned – because I think we all know my power to resist projects like this is very, very limited!

The Revealwtmk

“The Reveal”

Baxter October 8, 2018 IMG_2469wtmk

Baxter was lounging in his house yesterday. He has spent more time in there now that the weather has been cooling off.

13 thoughts on “Golden Wedding Ring 1

  1. Your color and fabric selections are always so very lovely. I love Inklingo, and you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. This is a wonderful design!


    • Thank you very much! Inklingo is the best tool for quilters imaginable – I’m so glad Linda invented it! Golden Wedding Ring is a fabulous design, but I would not want to make it any way but with Inklingo.


  2. I am indpired by all your projects Cathi. After I finish my never ending La Passacaglia I plan to print out one block from every inklingo i have puchased and decide which one to push forward. Like you I will probably have more than one in progress from now on.


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