A Second Ring

GWR Ring 2 IMG_2485wtmk

I love the effect I got from fussy cutting/printing the little kites that surround the centre star but can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to do this were it not for using Inklingo to print the templates on my fabrics. The perfect sewing lines and matching points make it easy to make this block – I wouldn’t want to even begin to try without them!

The second ring went together faster than the first because I was chain piecing by hand when adding the little diamonds to the arcs. It’s really surprising just how much time that saves.

GWR RIng 2 Back IMG_2483wtmk

The back, after pressing and grading of the seams – which has now been done with the first block as well. Grading the seams of the second ring as I was making it and then going back to do the first ring after it was all finished was a real eye opener for me. It’s much easier to grade the seams as I go, rather than wait until the entire block is finished.

The third ring is already started, because – well, because I had to start it as soon as I finished the second one. Somehow I doubt I’ll stop until I have the little top complete! Every step of making a ring is so much fun to sew that I just automatically want to pick up the next one to sew as soon as I finish one.

As soon as I told Mr. Q.O. the title of the post we said, “One ringy dingy, two ringy dinghies…,” almost in unison and started laughing, remembering the Lily Tomlin sketches on Laugh-In, and that clearly had an influence on today’s ‘toon.


“Ringy Dingy”

Baxter October 11, 2018 IMG_2480wtmk

I was lucky to get this photo of Baxter in the tunnel with his current favourite toy. Seconds after I took it, a big paw reached out and tried to grab the phone out of my hand. I was laughing so hard he almost got it.


10 thoughts on “A Second Ring

  1. The toon,and there is your latest stitching, The old exchange, I remember that so well when there was one in our nearest small town, in the 1940’s and ’50’s. One of my primary school friends worked there when she left school, and maybe knew every one who phoned to make a toll call. Party line, and the old morse code for your phone call rings. We were a ” D” one long and 2 shorts!!!


    • You’re right- I couldn’t resist making this. While I love the soft colours, I want to make another in brighter, more dramatic colours.

      Cathi Sent from my iPhone



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