Golden Wedding Ring

When I started to quilt, one of the first books I bought had numerous patterns including one for Golden Wedding Ring. I was immediately taken by it and have remembered it ever since seeing that picture. So when Linda Franz announced she was working on Inklingo collections for Golden Wedding Ring I was thrilled.

The Inklingo 12″ and 16″ Golden Wedding Ring collections were released on Sunday along with an Inklingo Golden Wedding Ring Design Book which has lots of tips for sewing and pressing as well as figuring out how many of each shape are needed for Golden Wedding Ring quilts. Right now the design book is a free download and is definitely worth getting!


The design book also has a number of designs, including this one which I was immediately drawn to because it’s not too big and will give me a good feel for piecing this before I decide if I do want to make a larger quilt. I have so many large projects on the go that I’d feel almost guilty starting another big one. But starting this one? This feels like a welcome little distraction, like a wander down a pretty street for a while.

Then it came time to start deciding on fabric choices. I knew I wanted to do some fussy cutting/printing for this and was 99.99% sure I wanted to use my favourite shabby chic sort of fabrics for it. So out came the contenders.

First, a couple with 5.75″ repeats.

7.75 Repeat IMG_2445wtmk

Then one that isn’t really a shabby chic fabric but that intrigues me. It has a 7.75″ repeat.

Then one with an 8″ repeat and another with an 8 5/8″ repeat.

11.5 Repeat IMG_2437wtmk

The final shabby chic one had a 11.5″ repeat.

11.25 Repeat IMG_2444wtmk

But I also wanted to look at something else. So out came this one with an 11.25″ repeat.

I spent a couple of days pulling fabrics to go with each of these, as I tried to decide which one I wanted to use. I finally made a decision last night and quickly got everything printed.

Printed GWR Pieces IMG_2467wtmk

This photo of printed pieces doesn’t give it away, I hope.  So which one did I decide on? I’m not telling yet – but hope to have the first ring done by Friday so I can post a photo of it and reveal the choice. I think I’m going to love the look of this with the bit of fussy cutting/printing I did.

Golden Wedding Ring has it all – lots of continuous piecing opportunities, curved piecing and it works for fussy cutting/printing. It’s definitely the perfect design for me!!

golden wedding ringwtmk

“Ring Mystery”

Baxter October 3, 2018wtmk

It may be early October, but very few leaves on the roof garden trees have begun to change colour and it’s still relatively mild. There are still lots of things for Baxter to keep his eye on out there.

14 thoughts on “Golden Wedding Ring

    • Piecing the first ring was almost too much fun! The first ring will be revealed tomorrow. I now know that resistance is futile – I have to make another one of these small tops but using the 16” collection!!




  1. Is that Sherlock Holmes, in his hat and with a pipe, helping to solve the puzzle of ” Which fabric will enter the Wedding Ring “Parade? I think the last fabric, a lovely contrast there, but you do so well with those paler ones?


    • That last fabric is perfect for fussy cutting/printing for some project – but not quite for this one. And, of course, you’re right – I went for one of the fabrics with the soft colours.




    • I might have picked that one but for the fact I was struggling to find fabrics I liked to go with it. I think it may be one of those fabrics that I end up having for a long time before I find the right project for it!




    • Clearly I didn’t manage to get the finished ring done for Friday, but it will be on my blog tomorrow! It is a fabulous project to sew – pure enjoyment thanks to the stitching lines and matching points of Inklingo!


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