So Many Choices!

I seem to be in a routine right now of jumping from one project to another on a nightly basis.


Harpsichord Blockwtmk

One thing I’ve decided cannot go on the back burner for any length of time is the Harpsichord Quilt – my version of Lucy Boston’s Keyboard Patchwork. I’ve got a little over 115 blocks left to make and, now that I’ve found a quicker way to sew them, it’s possible I could finish them this year. So on the weekend, I made this little red block.


Harpsichord block backwtmk

I’m definitely grading the seams on these as I go as I’ve learned the hard way when dealing with loads and loads of little pieces in little blocks left to the end that it becomes a rather daunting prospect. Doing it when I finish the block takes only a minute and then it’s done!


B&B Silent Gardenwtmk

Then it was off to finish another B&B Silent Garden block (B&B is much faster to write than brown and blue). I’m still so amazed at how much I like these blocks!


Brown & Blue Silent Garden block backwtmk

I’m not grading these as I go – or at least not yet.  I love how perfectly they press.

Then I had to make a few more stars for the Kona Bay Silent Garden project. I had one set of fussy cutting//printing that didn’t quite result in perfect kaleidoscope stars but the overall effect is still there. That Kona Bay fabric is just too special not to use every piece, whether they’re perfect or not!

The current plan is to try – operative word being try – to make two Harpsichord blocks every week while I’m working on the Silent Garden tops. I’ve decided against starting to turn the wild floral kaleidoscope stars into another Silent Garden top until I get at least one of the three that are currently started finished.

I’m trying to be very good about wearing the splints on my hands/wrists at night but at least 50% of the time I wake up to discover I’ve taken them off in my sleep. This morning I had to laugh when I woke up and saw that once again I’d taken them off and this time had placed them ever so neatly on top of the duvet.

Bouncin' Aroundwtmk

“Bouncin’ around”


Jake, January 21, 2018wtmk

Jake hasn’t wanted to pose for photos lately – so I think I was lucky to get this.


Baxter, January 21, 2018wtmk

When I looked at this photo, I remembered that Baxter had started to yawn right after I took it. His mouth has just started to open when I took this.

10 thoughts on “So Many Choices!

  1. If you manage to take those splints off at night, maybe you should have a project on your bedside and in the morning you would realize that you pieced another block in the night! 🙂 Too many blocks and not enough time! The story of every quilter!
    Great pics of the boys!

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  2. And I thought I might be one of a few who had so many things on the go at once. the B&B are so lovely, and the one with red, did you do that in bed??? Maybe the splints get so uncomfortable you take them off? Having fabric on hand to choose and select is definitely a huge bonus for projects like these.

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    • Oh, Jean – I have so many things on the go at once it’s unbelievable. If I ever – and no, this is likely never ever to happen – had the nerve to line them up and photograph each one, I’d probably faint at the sheer number! The splints aren’t really uncomfortable as much as they are irritating. I think I just need to persevere and get used to them. Cathi



  3. You’re so busy Cathi, with so many projects I don’t know how you do it all. They are of course lovely. I hope your hands improve with the braces. They sound like a nuisance.

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    • I think having so many projects on the go is what keeps me from ever getting bored! I really love the process if not perhaps even more than the finished project. The braces are a bit hard to get used to, that’s for sure. But I’m determined to persevere!




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