One Big, One Little

The Silent Garden blocks are so much fun to sew – I just don’t want to stop! So I had to make two more.

KB Silent Garden blockwtmk

First another of the large ones using the gorgeous Kona Bay print.

Back of KB Silent Garden blockwtmk

Its back, after pressing.

Mauve and Pink Silent Garden blockwtmk

Then a small mauve and pink one.

Mauve & Pink Silent Garden backwtmk

And its back after pressing.

Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t printed all the background shapes as well as the kite and triangle templates on the various fabrics for these blocks as well as the B&B Silent Garden blocks, as I think if I had then I’d not be able to tear myself away from sewing these at all. There are so many great opportunities for continuous piecing that they almost go together too fast! Almost. That said, I’m pretty sure there’s bound to be a lot of printing happening sometime very, very soon! Because I do love to have everything for a project printed and nestled in a pretty project box, just waiting and ready to sew.

Harpsichord pieceswtmk

However, I’m going to try to be good and pulled out the pieces for another harpsichord block. At this point though, I’m thinking perhaps I should get a bit more realistic and admit I’ll be doing one harpsichord block a week at best while I’m making the fabulous Silent Garden blocks.

Lobby Flowerswtmk

The elevator lobby flowers are lovely and tropical looking – which is rather nice, given that we’re in the midst of winter.

BIg 'n Smallwtmk

“Big and Small”

Jake, January 22, 2018wtmk

Jake was reclining on the couch on the weekend when we got this photo.

Baxter, January 24, 2018wtmk

While Baxter was enjoying the sun yesterday.

5 thoughts on “One Big, One Little

  1. Lovely blocks as usual Cathi. Am going to Mexico soon so those elevator lobby flowers just set the right mood. Jake looks sweet but Baxter looks so regal!


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