How The Flowers Grew – or how I sew Ribbon Flower Blocks

I was at least halfway through making the blocks for the Garden Gone Wild top before I finally realized just how much fun I could have with these blocks as they’re not only all curved piecing, but almost all continuous stitching! I think it was because I began with a ribbon flower block that had pieced “blades” and those that weren’t pieced.  That’s my excuse and I”m sticking with it. Once I identified this sewing sequence, I couldn’t get enough of making them!

Flower Step Onewtmk

The first step – make two sets of six of the centre shapes.

Flower Step Twowtmk

Step 2 is joining those two six-unit pieces – the hardest part of making the ribbon flowers as it can be challenging getting a perfect centre but using fine fabrics, like a batik, really helps.

Flower Step 2 Backwtmk

Step 2, pressed and from the back.

Flower Step 3wtmk

Step 3 is when the real fun begins. Joining the next round of shapes is nothing but fun – as it’s not only curved piecing but also now nothing but continuous sewing!

Flower Step 3 backwtmk

Step 3, pressed and from the back.

Flower Step 4wtmk

Step 4 is yet more of the fun – curved piecing and continuous sewing all the way around.

Flower Step 4 backwtmk

Step 4, pressed and from the back.

Flower Step 5wtmk

Step 5 and it’s – no surprise – yet more of the curved and continuous piecing.

Flower Step 5 backwtmk

Step 5, pressed and from the back. Pressing after each step really made a difference as well. I made one of the flowers and left all the pressing to the end and it took longer to press that flower than pressing after each round.


And then the final step – adding the background pieces and finishing the flower.

Lilac backwtmk

From the back, after pressing.

And now, when I go back to making ribbon flowers for another garden quilt, which I know will happen sooner or later (and likely much, much sooner than later) I’ll have this to refer to as a reminder of the sewing sequence I found that made these so much fun!

Lobby Flowers November 10, 2017wtmk

The latest elevator lobby flowers.

building a flowerwtmk

“Building A Flower”

Jake, November 15, 2017wtmk

Jake was posing on the back of the loveseat on Tuesday.

Baxter November 15, 2017wtmk

While Baxter was lounging on the bed.


4 thoughts on “How The Flowers Grew – or how I sew Ribbon Flower Blocks

  1. Nice to keep the process on file! Beautiful elevator flowers as usual. Good ‘toon. Jake looking very very sweet and majestic Baxter. So nice post Cathi.


    • I’ve never thought about adding up the hours – and it would have been difficult with the flowers as I often ended up unsewing when I changed my mind about a fabric. I think each of them likely took about six or seven hours if I include the time spent choosing the fabrics for each, printing the shapes and then the fun of sewing them.




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