Stars and Yin Yang Blocks

I have been doing some piecing, although not a lot, while I’ve been mostly missing from the blog. The projects I chose to work on were projects for which I already had lots of shapes printed and were ready, waiting for me to pick up those project boxes.


First up? Some more shabby chic Yin Yang blocks which I’m now thinking may end up turning into a bed runner.  When I saw them on the white duvet cover, I thought they’d be a nice touch of colour at the end of the bed. And, of course, there is nothing I like more than stitching the Yin Yang blocks. Lots and lots of curved piecing. There are quite a few more that are stitched, but not yet pressed. Once I get them pressed, I’ll have a good idea how many more I need to make for a bed runner. This one is, of course, being made with the Inklingo Yin Yang Collection. The matching points make the curves so much easier to stitch than might be imagined!

red runnerwtmk

Then I got started on adding to the red and white Texas Star quilt that I had started back in 2011. It was last seen on the blog in November 2012 and had pretty much been left dormant since then. There’s something about piecing this that I find very, very soothing. So I’m glad that particular project box was one of the ones I pulled out to work on. For this one I’m using shapes from the 1″/2″ Star Points, the 1″ 60-degree Hexagon, the 2″ 60-degree Hexagon and the 60-degree 2″ and 4″ Triangle Inklingo collections.  Ever since I finished the blue and white quilt in my header I had wanted to do it in red and white, and got everything printed for it and did a bit of it and then it sat. Now I can see I’m getting close to the halfway mark so I have a feeling this one is not going back into hibernation.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing except for one other little project that I’ll try to get pictures of over the weekend for a blog post next week. And once again I am so grateful that with Inklingo I can get everything printed and cut for a project, put it in a project box and then, when I need an easy project to work on, all I need to do is open the project box and get started.

However, a new project is very close to being started as I am going to make a special bed runner in a taupe/grey and white with maybe a hint of pink somewhere in the design. In fact, I may even get it started this weekend.

Yesterday was cold. Again. It almost felt like winter had come back for one last gasp. I had an appointment yesterday and had to get out my winter jacket again. This the day after the gardeners had been busy out on the roof garden doing some clean-up? It just doesn’t seem fair!

Bed Runnerwtmk

“Bed Runner”


We are seeing this more and more. Togetherness is wonderful. Mr. Q.O. says they were curled up together because it was cold. I think it’s because they’ve decided to be really good friends now.

6 thoughts on “Stars and Yin Yang Blocks

  1. Hi Cathi, Lol the weather has been fairly respectable here.
    Jake has that look on his face as if saying …. ” dont get used to it, and stay on your side”…. *giggle*
    Curves can get me frustrated.
    Love the colors…
    That red & White will be smashing!
    Back at the farm.


  2. Glad to see the red and white stars getting some love. It’s a stunning quilt. Or part quilt 🙂
    The boys are as handsome as always. Nice to see them close. Though Jake still looks a little unsure. Or at least watchful 🙂


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