Another Great Book


What is it? Millefiori Quilts 2. With another absolutely fabulous cover quilt. But that’s nowhere near all. There are 17 quilts in the book that are fascinating. I love Willyne Hammerstein’s use of fussy cutting to get fantastic effects in her quilts. Of course, I also love that she makes quilts with many little pieces – they totally appeal to me.

Not into lots of little pieces? This book is still definitely worth having, just for the sheer inspiration.

Since I got my copy of Millefiori Quilts 2 I have spent some very pleasurable hours just looking through the book and really examining the special effects achieved with some wonderful fussy cutting.

If you live in North America, now we have a source that will cost us much less in postage than it would to have the book mailed from France. Just click on Millefiori Quilts 2 and you’ll be taken to the Inklingo website to order this fabulous book.

I have been doing some stitching of my own. Not a lot, but some. Hopefully I’ll get a few things pressed and photographed over the next day or so and have something to show.

We’ve now determined that the box with the inlay that I showed in Monday’s post came from India. One comment led us to investigate further and when we looked at the bottom of the box in really, really good light we could see “India” stamped on it. The other box? No idea, and it’s definitely a different wood. But wherever they came from, they are pure treasures to me.

I am now so grateful that I put in my blog posts which Inklingo collections I have used to make blocks. One of the things I’ve been getting ready to work on incorporated shapes from two different collections. I was trying to remember which second collection it was and couldn’t. So off to my blog I went and there was all the information I required. Phew! I guess my blog is much more of a resource for me than I  even imagined.

The roof garden is really coming alive. So far we have seen robins, cardinals, two types of woodpeckers, finches, blue jays, sparrows, grackles and we’ve heard, but not seen as this bird sings at ridiculous hours of the night, a mockingbird. Jake has spent quite a lot of time either sitting on the windowsill watching out or perched in the kitty tree. Baxter seems less interested in the birds than he is in trying to make sure he gets possession of the top tier of the tree.

millefiori 2wtmk

“The Kitties Found Some Bits”


More togetherness. This time they were both sleeping.

5 thoughts on “Another Great Book

  1. I love these books! So much eye candy.

    I’m very interested in your garden. I’m trying to grow herbs here, but I think the high levels of chorine in the tap water is killing them. That and some kind of invisible moth or caterpillar. I’d love to see some photos of your garden if you’re willing to post them.

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  2. I can see that book is very ‘Cathi’! How funny that one of your boxes was marked “India”, and you hadn’t realised. There is an old song from the time of the American Civil War, ‘Listen to the mockingbird’….it’s much sadder than you would think, from the title. Those kitties are certainly spending time together, aren’t they?

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  3. I am going to go over and order both of those books to add to my collection! You’ve been a great resource for me Finding some great books!

    I love watching birds and nature ! I’m so glad that you have your garden. Sandra


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  4. That is a beautiful cover quilt. I wasn’t a fan of thr first one because with all the sahpes and colours it was too busy for me. But this one has more order to the colour placement, giving my eyes places to land and explore.


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