Hidden Treasures

Over the past week or so, Mr. Q.O. and I have been tossing, giving away, generally reorganizing things and in the process have found some wonderful hidden treasures.


Like these beautiful little wooden carved boxes!


First there’s this one with the beautiful inlay on the top. It was Mr. Q.O.’s mother sewing box. She was  a seamstress who worked with some of the top furriers in the city.


Which might explain these enormous #7 sharps! I can’t believe how big they are in comparison to the #12 sharps I use for piecing. But look at the price – a whole 30 cents for 20 needles.


And now this beautiful little box has become part of my sewing kit. I have my favourite thread snips, scissors, thimbles, #12 sharps and finger pincushion in it, all easy to find and ready to use as soon as I sit down to sew.


This little box is beautifully carved too.


And it is the perfect size to hold the spools of thread I’m using for the various projects I’m working on.

I feel so spoiled, having these wonderful boxes as part of my sewing kit! They now will sit on the end table so that whenever I sit down to sew, the only other thing I need is the project box(es) for whatever project(s) I’m going to work on that evening. No more hunting through the drawer of the end table for the right thread, my thimble or anything else. Everything will be right there waiting for me in these beautiful boxes.

And yes, I think I’m back and ready to blog much more frequently. 

Repurposed Boxeswtmk

“Repurposed Boxes.”


We were holding our breath the evening that Baxter jumped up beside Jake, hoping that he’d just settle down. Usually it means the beginning of a chase, but not that evening. Baxter just quietly curled up beside Jake. And that’s very, very unusual and something we loved to see.

14 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures

  1. What beautiful boxes, and how lovely to have the connection to Mr Q.O.’s mother! They are similar to a carved teak coffee table that a friend once brought me from India. Baxter and Jake are obviously good friends, aren’t they?


  2. That box! Those needles! I found some of my husband’s mother’s supplies after she died, too, when her standing sewing caddy, which was always next to her chair, came into my possession. There were notions from the 1960’s, with 1960’s prices. They’ve become part of my ephemera collection and hold priceless memories. How great of you to recognize the worth of these things.


  3. What a great way of keeping track of your supplies! Love those boxes!
    And i knew there would be cats in boxes in the toon, nobody likes a box more than a cat! Nice to see the boys as really good friends!


  4. Hi Cathi, oh that’s cool! I just have a blast finding things like that.
    Whoa!! Does Baxter have a fever??.
    . Lol. I’m glad their getting along…
    17 flowers to go.
    Has it warmed up there at all? Snow and blowing snow here with 20 mph gusts with temps a nasty 20. Yuck. Where’s the SUN?


  5. My fingers are itching to pet your boxes. I have several that are close relatives, but have not been used for sewing supplies. Hmmmm…. an idea? I inherited a few things from my m-i-l, but nothing as lovely.
    And the expressions on the fur guys faces. You call that “peace”?
    Missed ya.


  6. I notice that neither cat is looking at the other one..it would not do to let anyone know they actually like being that close : )
    Pretty little boxes..you will love using those for your sewing things.


  7. Beautiful boxes! Treasures indeed.
    We all need a blogging break sometimes, this was your turn. I hope your break wasn’t for any nefarious reason though and you’re well.
    Nice to see the boys cuddling up together now. Though I see that Jake is keeping watch out of the corner of his eye, just in case 🙂


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