While all the border segments for the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt are done and border segments have now been added to the last two blocks of the first row, I started thinking about what project I want to work on and finish after the POTC quilt is done.


And Stormy Seas is likely the next one up to get some dedicated time. There are 25, soon to be 26, blocks that were done using only two fabrics in each blocks.


I think the remainder of the blocks for the quilt are going to be done like this block that I laid out in my stitching book.

They say the heat will break here sometime this afternoon or evening. That will be a welcome relief. The entire week has been nothing but heat and humidity. Yesterday the gardeners were here at 8:00 a.m. cutting the grass out on the roof garden. I can’t begin to imagine how tough this week has been for anyone who has to work outside.




Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “I See You.”

11 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Gorgeous quilt Cathi!~ I love all the blues. So summery and a nice one to work on in this heat. Love the nightlight!~ lol



  2. Your blocks remind me of a tropical lagoon, it just needs some hula dancers and a couple of good looking ukulele players. What a lovely pic of Baxter, those whiskers are really something – love that night light too!


  3. I do love the storm at sea blocks. It reminds me a little of the way a swimming pool looks when you look right into the crystal clear waters and the light reflects in the prettiest patterns. This quilt is going to be a real beauty.


  4. Another quilt almost done! You’ll have so many things completed that you’ll have to start another new quilt top!
    I love the night light, like a glow worm, Cappy should have a alien counterpart!
    The picture of Baxter is wonderful!


  5. yes blocks with many pieces need to be laid out so you can see the design and no you are putting things in the right places! I have a 12 1/ 2 inch sandpaper board with felt and a big ruler to put over it to hold things in place – I couldn’t do my hand work sometimes without it.


  6. We’ve finally been getting rain this past week and the temps have been in the low 90’s most of the week. A welcome relief. Next week high 90’s again. A good time to stay indoors in the AC and sew!


  7. The Stormy Seas quilt is beautiful. The colors are very pretty!
    LMAO at the “Nightlight” in the cartoon. Your husband is very funny. Love it.
    Another cute picture of Baxter. Looks like he had a rough day and is using his paw as a pillow.


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