Row 1 of Patchwork of the Crosses


Sewing the blocks together into rows is going faster than I expected. Row 1 is now done and ready to have row 2 attached. Rows 2, 3 and 4 will probably be attached by week’s end. Row 5 will take a wee bit longer as I have to add the border segments to each one of the blocks in it, but I can definitely see I’ll have this top finished within another couple of weeks if I stay as focused on it as I have been for the past two weeks.

The heat broke after Friday’s storms and it was a wonderful day yesterday out on the roof garden. There were some interested spectators when we were taking the pictures.


First were a pair of sparrows who stayed for quite some time watching as we took pictures of the first row and were talking to some neighbours. A couple of times over the past few days, a sparrow has landed on the very narrow ledge just outside the window.


Then a baby squirrel showed up.


“Alien Buddy’s Buddy.”


Baxter was snoozing in the sunlight on the weekend.

9 thoughts on “Row 1 of Patchwork of the Crosses

  1. Your sparrows are like ours…..but we don’t have squirrels! I know they are rodents, but they are cute. Looking forward to seeing your POTC done, it’s getting closer now! Do Baxter’s alien friend like squirrels…….or are there alien squirrels?


  2. I cannot wait to see that one finished, it will be as always, spectacular!

    I wonder if the Cappy alien is a female, could be interesting if they happen to like each other, LOL!


  3. Wow Cathi, you’ve made great progress with your POTC, it’s going to look stunning! Lucy Boston’s book was one of the first quilting books I purchased & I’ve always admired this quilt, I love the way she fussy cut many of her fabrics. It’s also on my wish list to make at some point! lol (among all the other hundred quilts I’d like to make). You have amazing wildlife on your roof garden….how on earth do the squirrels get up there?


  4. Just been playing catchup. POTC is coming along beautifully. I really like the purple setting pieces. Storm at sea is also looking great. Glad to hear the heat has broken there. Hope it’s more pleasant now. Lovely roof garden you have there. Baxter is handsome as ever. And great toons of his summer holiday.
    Ok, think that covers the latest posts 🙂


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