Patchwork of the Crosses Border Progress


More of the pieced border segments for the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt are now together. Once I got into a rhythm of stitching them, it was getting faster and faster to make them.


These are the border segments still to be stitched. These will go even faster as there aren’t as many of the little purple squares to add to these segments of the border. So I may get through this before the end of Wednesday, which means I can start putting the blocks together in earnest right after that.

I can’t imagine doing this with English Paper Piecing. It would take so much more time and I know, no matter how tiny my stitches might be, there is no way all my whipstitches would be invisible. Using Inklingo to print my shapes on fabric and then a simple running stitch makes stitching this much easier and faster and, for me, way more enjoyable.


“Swim Fashions by Cappy.”


Baxter, a.k.a. Mr. Whiskers.

7 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses Border Progress

  1. Love the “Cheddar” swimsuits. That is an “IN” color in the quilting world…. 🙂 This quilt is going to be so very beautiful. I am in love with the purples…



  2. Gorgeous, Inklingo gives the consistency and accuracy that allows what’s in your minds eye to come out through your fingers.
    Mr. QO, is that Boo and Panda at the lake party. Cute pink suit on Panda…… 😉


  3. Love those swimsuits! English paper piecing……on the one occasion I tried it (made a cushion many years ago) the pieces didn’t fit together accurately because of the thickness of the card affecting the seam. Never again!


  4. WOW, you are really moving along on this one!
    The swimsuits are a hoot! The alien seems to have gained a bit of weight, is he nipping the catnip?
    Love the Baxter picture!


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