Five More Done


Five more of the border segments are done, that is.


And now there are only five left to do. It’s unbelievably hot and humid here so the thought of just sitting quietly in our nice, cool apartment and stitching until I get these done today is very appealing. In the winter I often wish we faced south but once we get into summer and these hot, humid days arrive I am always grateful we do face north and have trees shading the windows.

This new Inklingo button is so appropriate on so many levels to me. Having the stitching lines and matching points makes the little seams in the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt a breeze to stitch. Not having to baste fabrics on to paper makes it enjoyable – just print the templates on fabrics, cut and stitch. Were it not for Inklingo, there is no way I’d be making the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Nor would I have made Chintz Circles, the French General Drunkard’s Path, Memories of Smudge, the Tiffany Lamp New York Beauty or Canadian Starburst. And the list goes on.


“Watching The All Star Game at the Cottage.”


Baxter having a snooze after spending most of the day in his kitty tree watching the gardeners.

5 thoughts on “Five More Done

  1. I know what you mean about summer – I long for it most of the winter and then when it comes I am so grateful for the shade. I spend mornings out on the porch reading intermixed with running back in the house to get the house work and other chores done. Then in the afternoon I get the little bits of fabric out and work in the A/C where the breeze can not blow them.
    Even other quilts that I work on if they are not available with Inklingo I do them basically the same way but draw the seam lines on – having the seam lines print out spoils us hand piecers.


  2. i’m the opposite on these hot days, I want to sit inside where it is cool but not with a project on my lap. probably the difference between machine and hand sewers.


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