Patchwork of the Crosses Progress


The first two blocks are together with their part of the border. But that’s all that’s going to be put together for a few days.


Why? Because I need to make quite a few of these for the border. I decided to get these all made at once. That way all that will be left is lots and lots of continuous stitching as I join the blocks and add the border. This is going to be slow going, but I am determined to stick with it and get the top together. Seeing how the first two blocks joined together look will, I hope, be enough encouragement to keep me going.


“Little Alien Buddy Is Introduced To Cottage Life.”


Baxter in his usual spot in his cat tree. The outstretched paw is often seen. We call it his royal wave.

8 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses Progress

  1. Cathi, your first two blocks are just beautiful!!! Wishing you days of speedy stitching and pieces that fall right into place!


  2. I do love your blocks. I am working on this quilt too, using shirtings as my background fabrics. I like that white you are using, have some of it in my stash and think it wi going to look really nice on your finished quilt.


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