First POTC Corner Done


Last night I got the setting pieces added to one side of the first block and the first corner done. Once the first row is together, this will be a much faster process. And so far I’m staying focused. Staying focused on this is going to be a challenge, but my goal is to get this one finished quickly as I’d love to get a photo of the completed top out on the roof garden. And as we’re almost halfway through July, I know summer is flying by.

I knew getting the first row together would take a while as I’m following the original Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses setting. I can’t believe I’m doing this as I never follow a pattern but there’s something about the setting of the original that really appeals to me, so I decided to go for it.


Baxter was inspecting the first block with its setting pieces added.

Thankfully we didn’t get the rain yesterday. But a cold front did come through and with it came cooler temperatures, which was a lovely relief. Hopefully we get no more rain for a few days so the city can dry out.


“A Closer Encounter.” Baxter was showing his new little alien buddy something on his computer about visitors at Roswell.


I think this is my favourite shot of Baxter so far.

9 thoughts on “First POTC Corner Done

  1. I had intended to do mine with the original border – but then changed my mind – I need to get back to squaring up my edges – been too busy on other things – that is what happens when working on 6 things at once!


  2. Looking good! You can do it!
    Baxter might just grab that quilt block and take it with him on the alien ship. Then he’ll have quilt classes with the aliens and who knows what they’ll come up with! Better stay away from Roswell, too many aliens out there tempting him.
    I like the Santa beard that Baxter has.


  3. It looks stunning. Well worth the time it will take. Am not surprised Baxter wanted to check it out.
    Love the toons Mr QO. Looking forward to seeing what else happens during Baxter’s summer break


  4. Baxter knows a good thing when he sees it!!!LOL. This quilt is going to sparkle!! Why don’t you go for broke and make it for your bed? Would be gorgeous!


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